Poothicote Family
Genealogy Part II

Descendants of Kochitty Kuruvila Poothicote and branches of Poothicote Family


(The order number of the generation to which a person belongs proceeds in Roman numerals before the person's name.  Kochitty Kuruvila, the founding father of Poothicote family is the first generation)


I     Kochitty Kuruvila Poothicote   (1785 - 1851)

          Annamma Thoopunkal     (d - 1826)

           Accamma   (married 1827 )


   Children of the  2nd generation


II.           1. Accamma ( married to Chackochen, Shakaramangalam)

II.           2. Kunjachen (Niranam Valliappan-     no children)

II.           3. Chackochen, Puthenveetil

II.            4. Cherian, Puthenpurackel

II.            5. Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila     ( Kochujachen)

II.            6. Kunjachonda, Medayil

II.            7. Aleyamma ( married to  Chalakuzhy Mammachen)

II.            8. Unnoonni KochittyKuruvila, Elanjootil

II.           9. Annamma ( married to Deacon Ninan,   Kanyanthra Padijareveetil)

II.           10. Kochu Koshy, Moonnamadham


1I. 1.       Accamma Eldest daughter was born in 1807. (ME 982 Kumbham).    She was married to Chackochen from the Shanakaramangalam family



II. 2 Kunjachen   (Niranam Valliappan)

Eldest son, Kunjachen was born in 1810 (ME 985 Thulam 15). He married Achiyamma from Eraviparoor Edavamvalil family. They lived in Niranam in a house near the church built for them by Judge Grandpa.

Niranam Valliappan had no children.  Two of his nephews, Chackochen Puthen Purackel (son of brother Cherian), and Eapachen- Poikat -  (son of brother Kochujachen), lived with him and they inherited his wealth.



II.                 3. Chackochen  ( PUTHENVEETIL BRANCH)

                      Mariamma, Kannamkot

Children: III. 1. Annamma

                       2. Kuruvila


Chackochen, the second son of Judge Grandpa, was born in 1813. He married Mariamma from Kannamkot family and had a daughter Annamma and a son Kuruvila.  Kuruvila though married, died young before he had any children. Daughter Annamma was married to Lukose Vaidyan from Thevalakara Valiaveetil family.


III. Annama

       Lukose Vaidyan

Children: IV. Yacob Alexander Vaidyan

Annamma married Lukose Vidyan of Thevalakara.  Their son Yacob Alexander Vaidyan move to Mepral in Puthenveetil house and inherited his mother's ancestral properties.


IV.Yacob Alexander Vaidyan

      Sosamma, Punnathra

Childre: V. 1. Lukochen

                     2. Pillachen

                    3. Annamma

                     4. Kuttyamma


                       6. Kunjupennamma

Yacob Alexander Vaidyan married Sosamma, daughter of Thazhathu Punnathra Fr. Chandapilla.  They had 2 sons, Lukochen and Alexander Jacob Vaidyan (Pillachen), and 4 daughters, Annamma, Kuttyamma, Kunjamma, and Kunjupennamma.



IV.Annamma married  Chackochen from Kizhakkan Muthoottu Puthenveetil family


IV.Kuttyamma married  Kunjukunju from Pooyapallil Kochuputhenveetil family.


IV.Kunjamma married  Keevareechen of Mavelikara Pulimootil family.


IV.Kujupennamma married  Avarachen of Valanjavattom Varialath family.


 Present Puthenveetil family members in Mepral are descendents of Lukochen and Pillachen.

IV.1. Lukochen

          Mariamma, Palakuzhiyil

Children: V. 1. Sosamma

                       2. Annamma

                        3. Mariamma

 Jacob Lukose ( Lukochen) married  Mariamma from Perigara Palakuzhyil family and he had 3 daughters, , Sosamma, Annamma, and Mariamma.


V. 1.  Sosamma married  C. M. Cherian of Kottayam Kaniyakulam family.


V. 2. Annamma married  Philip of Viyapuram Theveril family.


V. 2.  Mariamma married  Kurian Mathew of Kottayam Vanchithattil Mattathu family.


IV.2. Pillachen

         Rahelamma, Elanthur Peedikayil

Children: V. 1. Thampi ( P.A. Jacob)

                        2. Saro


 Alexander Jacob Vaidyan (Pillachen) married Rahelamma, daughter of Elanthur Peedikayil P.V. Verghese. He has a son, P.A. Jacob ( Thampi) and a daughter, Mariamma ( Saro).


V. 1. Thampi


Children: VI. 1. Kunju ( Jacob Verghese)

                         2. Biju ( Alex Vaidyan)


 P.A. Jacob ( Thampi) married Ammini, from Mazhuvali Thazathoppil family. They have 2 sons, Jacob Varghese ( Kunju) and Alex Vaidyan ( Biju) and a daughter Jessy.


VI. 1. Jacob Varghese (Kunju) married Mariamma from Kanjirathara Vazhoor family. Kunju works for Indian foreign affairs department.


V. 2. Saro


II. 4.  Cherian Puthen Purackel (CHERIAN VALLIAPPAN)

Judge Grandpa s third son, Cherian was born in 1815   (ME 990 Makaram 9).  Among all the children of Judge Grandpa, it was Cherian who ably carried on the legacy of his illustrious father. He managed the agricultural properties of his father very efficiently and increased the wealth and assets he inherited. Even the majestic palanquins in which he traveled were famous in those days. He had workers and associates from all castes and religious communities and he was a great philanthropist and community leader.


There is an old saying in our family that like Levi, the 3rd son of Jacob in the Old Testament, Cherian, the 3rd son of Judge Grandpa, became the ancestor of all future priests and bishops in the Poothicote family.


After the death of his father, Cherian gave leadership for his brothers to realize final wish of his father to build a church in Mepral. He and his brother Kunjachonda Medayil donated the land to build the Mepral St. John's Church.


Cherian s first marriage was to Annamma from the famous Syrian Christian family of Adoor Nellimootil Thekeveetil.  Annamma s brother Ponnu Oommachen was gold and diamond merchant and had extensive trade with Arab countries.  He was a close  confidant of the Maha Raja of Travancore.


After giving birth to a daughter Annamma, and 4 sons, Moothakunju, Mathukunju, Rev. Cherian Thomas, and Chackochen, Annamma died.


Annamma's brother, Ponnu Oommachen went in a trading ship for business abroad and he never returned. It was believed that some ship wreck or some other calamity happened.

Oommachen s wife Mariamma waited for several years hoping for her husband s return. According to the canon laws of the Church, if a person is missing for 7 years in the seas, and no news about him is there, he is considered dead.  With the permission of the Church and the  metropolitan, Cherian Valliappan married Mariamma, the widow of his brother-in-law after the death of his first wife.

After the birth of a son and a daughter, Kunjaccamma, and son, Gheevareechen, Mariamma also died.  

 After her death, Cherian Valliappan married another Mariamma from Puthencavil Puthenpurackel family.  2 youngest children,  Cheriachen and Kunjummen were born in this third marriage.

Puthenpurackel Cherian's children and sub-branches of the family 


                   ANNAMMA NELLIMOOTIL

                   MARIAMMA  MUTHALALI





                                  2. MOOTHAKUNJU PUTHENPURAYL ATHIKANDIL


                                   3. MATHUKUNJU CHATHANTHRA


                                    4. VERY REV. CHERIAN THOMAS COREPISCOPA


                                     5. CHACKOCHEN PUTHENPURACKEL


                                      6. KUNJACCAMMA


                                      7.GHEEVERUGHEECHEN, PAYIKANDATHIL


                                       8. CHERIAN,  MANIMALAPARAMPIL


                                       9. KUJUMMEN VAKIL,  MANIMALAPARAMPIL


                                       10. RHHELAMMA





Annamma. Moothakunju, Mathukunju, Rev. Fr. Thomas, and Chackochen were born to Mariamma, Kunjaccamma and Gheevarugheechen, were born to Mariamma Muthalali, and the last 3 children, Cherian, Kunjummen, and Rahelamma were born to Mariamma Puthenkavil.


II.               3.  Annamma, the eldest daughter of Cherian Valliappan was married to Kumplathara Chackochen.


II.               6. Kunjaccamma was married to Avarachen of Adagapurathu Mamootil family.


II.           10. Rahelamma was married to Thumpamon Thekkaveetil Philipose, son of Avanadharyar


Athikanadiyil Puthenpurayil branch 

III. 2. Moothakunju

           ? Kochupurackel

III. 2. Moothakunju, the eldest son of Cherian Valliappan, married from Kochu Purackel family.  He died at the age 36, and he is the ancestor of Athikanadiyil Puthenpurayil branch.

Moothakunju had only one son,  Cherian ( Unnoonni)- 1864 to 1920.

IV. Cherian (Unnoonni) 1864-1920

        Aleyamma, Manalumbhagath

        Accamma, Kumplathara

Children: V. 1. Papachen


                          3. Pennamma

                           4. Annamma

Unnoonni first married Aleyamma from Manalumbhagathu family. They had only one son , 5 George Cherian ( Pappachen).  After the death of Aleyamma, Unnoonni married Accamma from Kuplathara family. 2nd son, Kochappy and daughters,Pennamma and Annamma were born in this marriage.


V. Papachen Athikanadiyil

       Accamma, Thazath

Children: VI. 1. Aliamma

                         2. Georgekutty

                          3. Mathachen

                           5. Annamma

Pappachen married Accamma from Puthupally Thazhathu Kochakkalayil family.  They had four sons, and 2 daughters. The first 2 sons died young. A third son, Mathuchen died by snake bite when he was astudent in C.M.S. College,Kottayam.


VI. 1. Aleyamma, the  eldest daughter  married to Achenkunju of Ayiroor Kurudamannil family.


VI. 5. Annamma, the youngest daughter is married to David ( Engineer K.A. Alexander) .


VI. 2. Georgekutty

           Susy, Manammal Thayyil

Children: VII. 1. Regini


                            3. Pothachen

                             4. Cheriachen (Bishop Nicolavose)

                              5. Gigi (Kochumon)

  P. G. George ( Georgekutty)- b- 1925, the 3rd son of Pappachen married Susy, daughter of Manammal Thayyil M.C. Pothen. They have a daughter Regini, and 4 sons, Mathachen, Pothachen, Cheriachen and Gigi.


VII. Regini is married to Georgekutty ( Dr. P.P. George, F,R.C.S.) of Ankamali Painadathu family and they are in England.

VII. 2.Mathachen


Children: VIII. 1. Georchen

                            2. Johnny

                             3. Kunju

  Mathachen ( Advocate P.G. Mathew B.A. L.l.B)  is married to Asha (Elizabeth) of the Manganathu Thuruthal family. Mathachen is a government district public prosecutor and pleader in the Manchary district. He is also a prominent planter. He has 3 sons,  Georchen  ( George Mathew),  Johnny ( John Mathew), and  Kunju (Cherian Mathew).

VII. 2. Pothachen


Children: VIII. 1. Vijay

                            2. Ajay

 Pothachen ( Advocate George Pothen, B.A.L.L.B.) married Puthenkavil Parampil Peedikayil Sunu, daughter of Rev. Dr. P.C. Eapen.  They have 2 sons, Vijay ( George Pothen) and 7 Ajay ( Eapen Pothen). Pothachen practices law in Kalpatta.


VII. 4. Cheriachen

  Cheriachen ( His Eminence Zacharias Mor Nicolavose) is the metropolitan of the Malankara Orthodox Church in America. Details about him appears elsewhere.


VII. 5. Kochumon


Children: VIII. Susykutty

 Kochumon ( Advocate G.G. Poothicote) is an advocate in Kerala high court. He is married to Nisha of Kottayam Padinjarekara family. Their one year old son George died in an accident. They have daughter Susykutty. G.G. poothicote is now also the prosecution council for government in tax matters.


After the death of Aleyamma, (IV) Unnoonni married Accamma of Kuplamthara family. In that marriage they had one son, Kochappy and 2 daughters, Pennamma, and Annamma.


V. 3. Pennamma was married to Mathaichen of Vallamkulan Nedumproth Kandathil family.


V. 4.  Annamma was married to Philipochen of Kanyanthra Pullikattu family.


V. 2.Kochappy


Children: VI. 1.Sherry

                       2. Molly

Kochappy ( P.C. Cherian) married Saramma from Kanyanthra Puthenparampil family.  They have one son, Sherry, and one daughter Molly.


VI. 2.  Molly is married to Kuriannoor Thachil Rajan.


VI. 1. Sherry


Children: VII. 1. Biju

                        2. Beena

 Sherry ( P. C. Sherry) married Thaverthundiyil Rohini. Sherry retired as the chief engineer from KSEB and lives in Kalamasseril Changapuzha Nagar.

They have a son, Biju Cherian and a daughter, Beena

VII. Beena  is married to Babu John of the Vattakulam family, Kottayam.


7 Biju Cherian is a  development officer with the new India Insurance Company.






Grand Father:  P Jacob Chacko   (kochu)


Father          : P C Cherian (cheriachen) (M Sc Agric)

                    Retd: as Deputy Director of State Agriculture department in 1989

                    Passed away on 24th September 1995


 Mother        : Leela Elizabeth Cherian (M A Lit)

                   D/o Adv: K S Joseph - KURUDAMANNIL

                    Passed away on 8th December 1978


I am the only offspring of cheriachen and Leela

     Married to Somy Elizabeth, D/o Amprayil Chacko George        


          Irene   Elizabeth Jacob Poothicote, date of birth 8th December 1998

          Irvin    Cherian Jacob Poothicote, date of birth 23rd March 2004  


Mathukunju and Chathanthra Branch

     Mathukunju 3.((1931-19010 Mathenkunju (1831-1901)


            Achiyamma, Puthenkavil)

Children: IV. 1. Annamma

                         2.Unnoonni ( Kuruvila Cherian)

                          3.Kochappy ( Kuruvila Kunju Cherian)

                           4. Avarachen ( Chathnthra Fr. Abraham)

                            5. Chackochen (Mundakathil)

                             6. Kunjannamma

                              7. Kunjaccamma



     Mathukunju Valliappan, the second son and the ancestor of the Chathanthra branch was born in 1831 and died in 1901. He played a prominent role in the Synod of Mulamthuruthy Synod held in 1876 called by Patriarch Peter III of Antioch.

            As his older brother Moothakunju died at 36, Mathukunju took care of his brother s properties also. Like his father, Mathukunju also was very industrious and had several workers from all sections of the society.


Mathukunju married Mariamma from Kottayam Chakalayil  family and they had one daughter, Annamma in the marriage.


IV.1.  Annamma was married to Aviott Achen from Kottarakara.


After the death of Mariamma, Mathukunju married Achiyamma from Puthenkavil Puthenveetil Aazhikkakathu.

In the second marriage, Mathukunju had 4 sons,  Kuruvila Cherian (Unnoonni),  Kuruvila KunjuOommen (Kochappy), Avarachen ( Chathanthra Achen Rev. Fr. Abraham), and Chackochen ( Mundakathil)and 3 daughters, Kunjannamma, Kunjaccamma, and Unnoonniyamma.


IV. 6. Kunjannamma  (b 1877)was married to Eapen Panicker of Kalluppara    Adagapurathu.



IV.7. Kunjaccamma  (b 1879)  of was married to Oommachen of Muttar Pulikikalthil house.


IV. 8. Unnoonniyamma  (b 1881) was married to Mani of  Kottayam Valanjattil family.


IV. Unnoonni (B. 1869)

       Aleyamma, Akkara

Children: V. 1. Saramma



                        4. Kunjannamma                          


                           6. Unnoonniyamma

                            8. Papachen

                             9. Kochappy

  Unnoonni    (b1869) the eldest son  married Aleyamma,  the daughter of Akkara Kunju from Kottayam Akkara family.


They had 6 daughters and 2 sons in that marriage                        


. V. 1. Saramma was married to Mathukutty Kayamkulam Odacheril  


V.2.    Sosamma         was married to Advocate Joseph Thumpamon Pallivathukal

          5  Mariamma  was married to Kochupappi Mavelikara Banglavil.


  V.3. Kunjannamma was married to  Pothachen from Kottayam Vanjithattil   family.                                 


V. 4. Accamma was married to Abraham Pulikiezh Thaikadavil.


V.4. Unnoonniyamma (Died young)



V. 8. Papachen

         Mariamma, Poovathur

Children: VI. 1. Baby

                       2. Chackochen


Pappachen, the eldest son of Unnoonni Valiappan, married Mariamma Poovathur family in Chegannoor.  They have 2 sons, Baby and Chackochen, and a daughter, Kochu.


VI. Kochu ( Aleyamma) was married to Babu (M.O. Kuruvila) of Thalavady Mamootil.


VI. 1. Baby


Children: VII. 1.Joy

                         2. Premi

                          3. Mathukutty

                           4. Kochumon


5         Baby ( P.K. Cherian) married Ponnamma of Ayurporickel Ponnamma.

      They have 2 daughters,  Joy, and Premi, and 2 sons, Mathukutty and Kochumon ( Linu P. Cherian).        

 VII. 1. Joy  is married to Fr. Baby John of  Kaninatti Ikkattutharayil family


 VII. 2. Premi is married to K. K. Mathew Panicker 0f Kundara Maranad Kuzhikkel Azhiyathu family.      


VII. 3. Mathukutty


Children: VIII. Lethin

VII. 3. Mathukutty  (Cherian Mathew) is married to Reni from Nagerkovil Karippalil family. Mathukutty is a charted accountant and presently works in an insurance company in Dubai.

Lethin Mathew is their daughter.


VI. 2. Chakochen


Children: VII. 1. Renu

                         2. Rejive

                         3. Rena

Chackochen, the 2nd son of Pappachen is married to Marikutty of Maramon Madolil family. They have 2 sons, Renu and Rajive and a daughter Rena..


VII. 3. Rena       is a staff nurse in St. Stephen s Hospital, Nee Delhi,


VII. 1.   Renu has a masters in business  administration and a diploma in journalism. He works fro a private firm.


VII. 2. .Rajive has completed hotel management course and working.


V. 9. Kochappy


Children: VI. 1. Kunju

                       2. Raju

                        3, Lizzykutty

Kochappy ( Cherian George), the second son of Unnoonni married Mariamma from Thazhathu Ikkara Nalpathil. They have a daughter, Lizykutty and 2 sons, Kunju ( P.G. Cherian)  and Raju ( C.G. Mathew).

VI. 3.  Lizykutty  married Thukalan Kochukurup of Mulamthuruthy Pullukad family.


VI. 1. P.G. Cherian (Kunju) 1924-1980

           Ammini Theveril

Children: VII. 1. Cicily

                           2. Shirly

                            3. Alice

                             4. Anu

                              5. Georgy

Kunju  married Ammini from Viyapuram Pullipadavil Thevaril family. He was a KLDC contractor . He died in 1980 at the age of 56.

Kunju has 4  daughters, Cicily, Shirly, Alice, and Anu and a son, Georgi.


VII. 1.  Cicily married Kunjumon Kaipattor Valiaveetil. ( K.S. Daniel, B.Sc. B.Ed.)  He retired as Kaipattoor Government High School headmaster.



VII. 2. Shirly married   Thevalakara Mathew Vaidyan (Joy)



VII. 3. Alice married    Adoor Edavampoykayil Oommen Philip (Raju)




VII. 4.  Anu  married Punnose George of Vakathanam Ennasseril Karukulath family.


VII. 5. Georgi


Children: Shiva

Georgi, the only son of Kunju married Reni (Raimol) daughter of Dr. A.V. George of Chathannoor Aluvilayil family.


Georgi works for the Saudi Arabia  oil company , Arab Drill.  He has a daughter Shiva.


VI. 2. Raju


Children: VII. 1. Merlin

                         2. Merina

                          3. Mercy

                           4. Joji

 Raju ( C.G. Mathew) the 2nd son of Kochappy married Chellamma, Avarachen of Kumarakom Kattathara family.      Rahu has been living in Singapore for many years.

They have 3 daughters, Merlin, Merina, and Mercy, and a son, Joji.


VII.        1. Merlin is married to Mezhuvali Thadathil Thampan ( T.K. Thomas).



VII.        2. Merina is married to Rev. Nathaniel of Chicago.


VII.        3. Mercy is married to Sam.



VII.        3. Joji, the only son of Raju is a medical student in Manipal.


IV. 2. Kuruvila Kunju Oommen

           Kujannamma. Kadavathummuruyil

Children: V. Annamma


Kuruvilakunju Oommen ( Kochappy) the 2nd son of  3 Mathukunju Chathanthra  1871- 1897

Kochappy married Kunjannamma of  Vennikulam    Kaduvathummuriyil family.


6         Annamma, their only daughter was married Papachen of Kottayam Poonithara family.



IV. 3.Avarachen ( Chathanthra Fr. P.M. Abraham)

         Aleyamma, Poyalail

Children: V. 1.  Baby

                      2. Kunjukunju

                       3. Aleykuttty

                        4. Dr. Kunjamma

                         5. Marikuty

                          6. Thankamma

Avarachen ( Rev. Fr. Abraham), the 3rd son of Mathukunju Chathanthra,.


Fr, Abraham married  Aleyamma of  Kozhenchery Poiyalil family. They have 2 sons, P. A. Mathew (Baby) and P.A. George (Kunjukunju), and 4 daughters, Kunjamma, Marikutty, Aleykutty, and Thankamma.


V.              4.Kunjamma is physician.  She married K. T,. Zachariah of Puthupally Kuzhiyaditha family.        


 V. 5.  Marikutty married C.M. Joseph of Mavelikara Karuthedathu family.


 V. 3.  Aleykutty married Kunjukunju of Channakeril Pupallil family.




V. 6. Thankamma Chathanthra married Mathukutty Vennikulam Manjalore family.


V.1.  Baby (P.A. Mathew)

        Marikutty, Kollemkeril

Children: VII. 1. Molly

                        2. Moni

                         3. Mohan

P.A. Mathew, (Babychayan) graduated in 1936 and joined the Indian Customs department. He was an honest efficient officer and he served in Madras, Delhi, and Bangalore and retired as Customs Collector in 1969. He spent his remaining years in Aymanam, died and buried in St. Johns Church Mepral.

Babychayan was married to Marikutty of Kottayam Kollamkeril family.

They have 2 daughters, Molly and Moni, and a son Mohan.



4       Molly married Dr. George Kuruvilla of Pulikiezh Pandampadavil family.



7         Moni ( Mary Cherian) is a professor in Chegannoor Christian college.  She is married to Prof. Cherian George ( Joy) Thumpamon Vadakedath family. Joy is a professor in Pathanamthitta Catholicate College and did his postgraduate studies in anesthesiology in Vellore Christian


VI. 3. Mohan (Dr. Mohan Mathew)

           Shina, Konat

Children: VII. 1. ?


Mohan  ( Dr. Mohan Mathew).

Mohan is a graduate of Kottayam Medical College and he did his postgraduate studies in anesthesiology on Vellore Christian Medical College. He worked for several years in Kolaencherry medical Mission hospital and Doha Emirate hospital. He is the chief of anesthesiology in P.M.V Hospital, Vernacular.  He is good hockey player also.


Mohan is married to Shina, the daughter of Konat Abraham Malpan.


V. 2.  P.I. George ( Kunjukunju)

          Dr. Saramma

Children: VI. 1. Alice

                       2. Saly

                        3. Nisy

                         4. Siby 

Kunjuchayan, the second son of Fr. Abraham, after graduation joined the Indian income tax service.  As brilliant officer he was highly regarded.  He served as income tax officer in many districts. After retirement in 1973, he continued his private practice in Kottayam. Presently he leads a retirement life in Mepral.

He is married to Dr. Saramma, daughter of W.I. Cherian, Wattasseril. She  a dentist by profession.


P.I. George has 3 daughters, Alice, Saly and Nisy, and a son Siby.


VI. 1. Alice married K.M. Eapen of Mavelikara Puthumadathil Kandathil house. He is the senior manager of the cashew development corporation in Kollam.



VI. 2. Sali married  to K.T. George of Pukadiyil family. George is the managing director of Chemical Ltd., Mavelikara and Sali is a zoology professor in Thiruvella Marthoma College.


VI. 3. Sissy is married to Roy Mathew Muthoottu, Kozhenchery. Roy is successful planter and owns several theatres in Trivandrum.



VI.           3. Ciby ( Abraham P. George)


Children: VII.   1. Sarah

                            2. Sandra

                            3. Stephanos

Ciby is the only son of P.A. George. In 1984 he acquired the CA (charted accountant degree with distinction and he is practicing in Thiruvella. He also took his LLB degree from MG university with first rank in 1997. He has written several articles in financial magazines like Economic Times and the journal of the Charted Accountants of India.

Ciby is married to Saly, the daughter of Joseph of Chelad Neendukunnel family.     

They have 2 daughters, Sarah, and Sandra, and a son, Stephanos.


IV. 5. Kochu Chakochen ( Jacob Mathew), Mundakathil

           Annamma, Poovemvelil

Children: V. 1. Thankamma

                        2. Ammini


4 Jacob Mathew ( Kochu Chackochen, Mudakathil)

Kochu Chackochen, commonly called Mundakathil Appapan is the 3rd son of Chathanthra Mathukunju.

He was one of the most loving and affectionate people our grandfathers generation I can think of.

Kochu Chackochen married Annamma of Niranam Poovanvelil family.

They had only 2 daughters, Thankamma and Ammini.


V. 1. Thankamma married Johnnykutty from Thottakad Olikara family.


V. 2. Ammini married K.C. Mathaichen of Kalluppara Kottackel family. Mathaichen is an electrical  engineer.  They have 3 sons, Kunjukunju, Kochumon and Georgy, and 2 daughters, Kunju Mariamma and Thankam.

Kunju Mariamma is in United States.



The Very  Reverend Cherian Thomas Cor-episcopa  ( 1846- 1912)    and

The Thekkepurackel and Puthenpurackel Achentagathu Branches.


II.            Very Rev. Cherian Thomas Cor-episcopa  (1846-1912)

           Kunju Mariamma, Kanyanthra Thazhathu


Rev. Fr. Cherian Thomas ( Poothicote Achen) was the 3rd son of Cherian Puthenpurackel. He was the most illustrious grandson of Judge Kochitty Kuruvila. As one of the most well-known persons of his period, more about him will appear on the chapter om important personalities.


Very. Rev. Thomas married Aleyamma, the daughter of Puthupally Kanyanthra Thazathu Varkeyachen. They had 3 sons and 2 daughters,.



Children: IV

1. Cheriankunju (Thekapurackel)


2. Varkeyachen ( P. T. Varkey)


3. Oommachen


4. Annamma


5. Mariamma


(4) 3rd son Oommachen died young.


a.       Annamma married Gheevareechen of Kurudamannil family.


(4)    Mariamma married to Kumplamthara family in Puthupally.


IV (1)  Cheriankunju, Thekapurackel

            Annamma Pukadiyil


Children: V  1.  Cherian Thomas ( Kunjommachen)

                       2.  P.C. Jacob Pazhaganadiyil ( Kochukunju)


Cheriankunju was an agriculturist and helped his father in managing the family matters. His wife Annamma, known as Kottathamma was a tall beautiful woman.

Cheriankunju, the eldest son is ancestor of the Thekkepurackel branch.

      Cheriankunju married Annamma from the Pukadiyil family. They had 2 sons, Cherian Thomas ( Kunjommachen) and P.C Jacob ( K ochukunju)                                                 

 V.      1 Cherian Thomas ( Kunjommachen) -  Thekkapurackel

           Aleyamma Polackel


Children: VI:  1.  P.T. Cherian) ( Kochutty)                                                           

                                                 2.   Jacob Thomas (Baby)

                                                  3. George Thomas ( Thankachen)

                                                   4. Thomas (Unnikunju)

                                                  5.  Thomas Samuel ( Kunju)

                                                   6. Eype Thomas ( Kochappan)

                                                   7. Thankamma

                                                    8. Kunjukujamma

     9. Kunjamma

                                                     10. Pennamma

                                                      11. Achamma

Kunjommachen was a very tall hansom person. He married Aleyamma of Edathua Polackel family.


                                                              ii.      7 Thankamma was married to Daniel, son of  Fr. Berslibi of Karicot, Niranam.

VI.            8 Kunjukujamma married to Alexander Muthalali of Niranam Kanyanthra Pallath.

     9 Kunjamma was married to Alexander Vaideen Kundra. They have no children. After her husband's death, she returned to her own home and stayed there for a long time. She stayed with her sister, Pennamma for her final years of life. She was buried in Assam.

VI.  8. Pennamma.  Acquired nursing degree from Vellore medical College. She was matron at Patna and Assam medical colleges. She is unmarried and spends her retirement in Assam.

                                                            iii.      9. Achamma married to Johnnykutty of Kongalath house, Thiruvella.

Kochutty married Thankamma of Kuzhivelil family, Kizhvayipore.  He retired as superintend from a private estate was living in Erumali when he died.

VI.    1    P. T. Cherian (Kochutty)


Children:  VII:    1. Elsy

                                                        2. Susy

                                                         3. Lali

                                                          4. Jessy

                                                            5. Lillykutty

.                                                            6. Kunjumol

                                                              7. Achenkunju ( Rev. Fr. Thomas Cherian)






Among his 6 daughters, Elsy is married to Monachen Achenkovil Valakuzhy family

Susy is married to Kunjumon (Mani) of Kottayam Adimathra family.

Lali is married to    Mathukutty Vechuchira Vattakalayil family.

Jessy  married to    Jomon Erumali Chalakuzhi family.

Lillykutty married to Johnnykutty Mallapally Vadakakara  

Kunjumol married to Raju of Varayannur Vadakeparampil.


VII. 7 Achenkunju (Rev. Fr. Thomas Cherian)      

    Susan (Daughter of Mathai of Parackamannil, Vazhoor)

        Children: 1. Edna Susan Thomas (Thankooty)


VI. 2. Jacob Thomas ( Baby), the second son of Kunjommachen was unmarried. He was a adviser and confidant of His Grace Kuriakose Coorilose till he died.


VI. 3. George Thomas (Thankachen)

           Annamma Ayravadakkethil, Kuttamparoor


Children: VII.  1. Santhosh

                    2.   Satish

                     3. Shini

VII.  1.Santosh  married to

         Anu, daughter of Markose of Mundakayam Eruthickel family.


Children: VIII.   George Thomas

                            Markose Thomas

Santhosh passed M.Com and presently works in private company.


VII. 2 Satish is married to Shini.

Vii. 3 Shini is married to Jolly of Erumali Chalakuzhy family.

VI. 4. Thomas, the 4th son of Kunjommachen was unmarried. He was helping his brothers in agriculture . He died.             


 VI. 5  P.T. Samuel ( Kunju)

          Susamma Puthenparampil, Chennithala

       Children:   VII.  1. Sam Thomas ( Kochumon)

                        VII. 2. John Sam (Shibu)

                            VII. 2.  Shiny

He was involved with agriculture and died in 2005 in Mepral.

Kochumon works for a private company and Shibu is in the Middle East.

Shiny is married to Sunny john of Kallisseril Padinjare Edasseril family.


VI. 6  Eipe Thomas ( Kochappan)


Kochappan has retired from job with the Assam government and presently living in Thekkepurackel...

He was very active in Church and was instrumental in building a church for Malyalee Christians in Assam. 

His wife Ammini is the daughter of Mathew John of Muthoor Tharakanveetil family. Ammini retired as a Matron from the N.F. Railway hospital.

They have no children.


V. 2. P.C. Jacob ( Kochukunjn)  and Pazhaganadiyil sub-branch

             (1) Sosamma Kodiyatt

               (2)  Dr. Aleyamma Shankaramangalath (Kunjaliamma)

        Children: VI.   1. Annamma

                                 2. Ammini

                             3. Ammukutty

                              4. Susy

                              Jacob Cherian (Kunjumon)

                               P.J. Mammen (Mammachen)


P. C. Jacob was very hansom, 6 4 tall , and used to stand out in any crowd. After his education in Kerala, he had further education in Calcutta. He worked fro several years in Singapore, then returned to Mepral to take care of the ancestral properties. He was first married to Sosamma, the daughter of Kodiyattu Mr. K.G. Abraham (Kuttiachen), and he had 4 daughters in this marriage.

After the death of his first wife, he married Kunjalaimma from the Eraviparoor Shakaramangalam family. Kunjaliamma was a good physician and many in Mepral are grateful for the services she gave to them. Kunjumon and Mammachen are her sons.

Kochunj appachen died in 1999 at the age of 99.


Of his daughters,

Annamma  married to Alexander Panicker. ( Papachen) of  Kundara Kampiyil house.

Ammini           married to C.M. Mathai of (Joy) of Erumali Chalakuzhi house.

Ammukutty married to Mathukutty of Kamalavilas Pathanapuram family.

Susy married Dr. Dutta. They live in Assam.


VI. 5.  Jacob Cherian (Kunjumon) 

.               Elizabeth (Babykutty)

            Children: VII   1.  P.C. Jacob (Kunju)

                                        2.   Abraham Cherian ( Kochumon)

                                        3. Aleyamma Cherian (Kochumol)


Kunjumon takes care of the ancestral properties. He is also actively involved in the church and gives leadership to others.


VI.  6.  P.J. Mammen ( Mammachen)


             Children:  VII.  1. Jacob Mammen (Shyam)

                                        2. Snaha ( Snaha Elizabeth Mammen)


Mammachen graduated from the Kerala University in 1971. In 1971 he joined the Central Reserved police in the same year as sub inspector.  For his meritorious service he was promoted as inspector, assistant commandant, and deputy commandant. In 1987, he received from the president of India police medal for meritorious services.  Presently he is the deputy commandant in Coyampatore.

Mammachen is married to Susan, daughter of Papachen of Mepral Polachirackel family.  



Kunju Varkeyachen (1876-1965) and Puthenpurackel Achentagathu Branch


IV.   2.  Kunju Varkeyachen  ( Thomas Varkey-  P.T. Varkey)) 

          Achiyamma Maret


Children:   V.    1. Kunjamma

                           2. Varkey Thomas ( Kunjukunju)

                            3. Sosamma

                            4. Annamma

                             5. Cherian ( Unniyachen)

                             6. Papachen

                              7. Achenkunju

                               8. Chackochen

            Kunju Varkyachen was very hard working person well liked by all in the family. People used to come to him to resolve disputes of all kind. He had a very athletic body developed by hard physical work and exercise training in his younger years. For an a man of his times, he was well knowledgeable in world affairs. He was a voracious reader. He had English education in the CMS school in Kottayam.

Papachen and Achenkunju died young


1. Kunjamma was married to Kunjappan of Kumarakam Vaippusseril family.


2. Sosamma was married to Kochunnoonni of Mavelikara Kottapurathu family.


3. Annamma was married to Baby ( J.C. Ittiarra ) of Kottayam Pulickel family.


V.  2. Varkey Thomas ( Kunjukunju)  1904- 1973

           Accamma (Kunjamma) Pullipadvil Theveril


Children:  VI.   1.  Roy P. Thomas, MD.

                         2.   Susan Thomas

                         3. Thomas P. Thomas

                         4. Sherry P. Thomas

Kunjukunju looked after the agricultural properties. He was also the first post master of Mepral.


VI. 1.  Roy P. Thomas, MD.

            Elsy Panampunnayil

Children:  VII.  1. Rebecca Thomas, MD.

                          2. Roy P. Thomas, JR. M.B.A.

                           3. Mariam Thomas, MD

                           4. Robin P. Thomas

VII.  1. Rebecca Thomas  MD (Reba)

             Michael Peterson MD.

Children:   Tommy



         Reba is an oncologist and Michael a cardiologist. in USA.     

2.     Roy P. Thomas Jr. M.B.A. works for insurance industry.

3.     Mariam Thomas, MD is a radiologist.

4.     Robin is student in college.


VI.  2.Susan Thomas

       Babu Kurian B.Sc. B.D.S.

Children: VII. 1. Dr. Sudeep Kurian

                        Dr. Anu Kurian

                        2. Dr. Suroopa Kurian

                             Dr. Kiran


VI.            3. Thomas P. Thomas (Thomaskutty)

           Thomaskutty married Beena, daughter of P.N. Thomas of Puthuppally, Kottyam Parekulam family.

            Deepu Thomas is their only son and he is a student.


VI.   Sherry P. Thomas ( Kunju)

Sherry married Sujamol, daughter of Baby of Vakathanam. They have 3 sons,  Shawn, Shane,  and Sherwin.


V. Cherian ( Unnikunju)  Malasia

     Gracy, ( Daughter of Thomas of Valiaparampil family, Kumpanadu.

Children VI. 1. Molly (Achamma Margaret) married to Philip Oommen, son of Kanyanthra Manammal K.O. Philip)

                 VI. 2. Annamma, married to late C.K. Thomas of Vallamkualam Churilott Kuriyal family.  Annamma works for a Telecom company in Malaysia.

3. Elizabeth (Babymol) married to Engineer Shagher Mills and they are in Kolalampore, Malaysia.       

 4. Mariamma ( Alice) works for a marketing company in Malaysia

  5. Thankamma Cherian is a senior executive and director in a company in Kulalampore, Malaysia. 


VII.         Varkey Cherian ( Sunny).   

           Usha, daughter of daughter of Ninan of Ayiroor Azhikakathu.

          Children: VIII. 1. Angeline

                                   2.  Cherian

            Sunny is a computer engineer in Singapore.


V.               P.V. Chacko ( Chackochen )

          Thankamma Kaniyanthra Kodiyattu

They have only one daughter, Susan. She is married to Thomas Koshy  ( Tommichen) of Vadaparampil family.

They have 2 sons. They live in Thiruvella near Pallipalam.



Pulikiezh Puthenpurackel branch                       


III. 4. Puthenpurackel Chackochen

           Achamma Uriapadikal

                   Aleyamma Chakalayil

Children: IV. 1. Annamma

                        2. Kochacchi

                        3. Cheriachen

                         4. Oommachen (Kochappy)

                         5. Jacob ( Kochukunju)

                          6. Avarachen                         

                          7. Chacko ( Kochu)

                           8. Cherian ( Kujootty)

                            9. Kunjamma       


       Chackochen  was the 4th son of  Puthenpurackel Cherian. He stayed with Cherian Valliappan's eldest brother, Niranam Valliappan, and had his education in Niranam. He inherited most of the wealth of Niranam Valliappan in Niranam and Pulikiezh.  Chacochen valliappan's wife Achamma died after the birth of 6 children. Then he married Aleyamma Chakalayil and his last 3 children, Kochu, Kujootty, and Kunjamma are from this marriage.



IV    3.Cheriachen Puthenpurackel , Mepral


      Wife- Mariamma [D/o Kochoikunju,s/oMaramon Palakunnathu Abraham Malpan]

                    Son:   Chackochen ( Maramon Chackochen)

                          Daughter:  Achamma

Cheriachen working in Cochi and he died at the age of 29. His wife Mariamma who was 19 yrs of age & pregnant when he died ,.They had only one son Chakochen and one postmus child Achamma .They were bought up by maternal grand father Kochoikunjuat Maramon .They were given one house to live in and once acre of land as a gift by her father when she became a widow early in life Soon after son Chakochen got his share of his father Cherian Puthenpurackal ,Mepral. Eventhough Chackochen lived in Maramon his house name was Poothicote Meprathu.His major share was located at Pulikeezhu, rest of his share was at Niranam.  Chackochen was known as Maramon Chackochen. Chackochen married Mariamma D/o Ninan , Puthenkavu  Thekkeveetil family

Chackochen had 3 sons. & one daughter

 VI.     1. Kunjukunju ( Dentist P.C. Cherian)        

             2. Thampi (Advocate P.C. Ninan)

              3. Avarachen ( Dr. Abraham Jacob)

           4. Thankamma    Married to V.G Abraham Omalloor Vadakkedathu Valia veettil     Family

VI.  1. Dentist Dr. P.C. Cherian married Lillykutty, daughter of Yohannan of   Kurudamannil family. Dentist Dr. P.C. Cherian was with the Kottayam Medical College for several years. He has 4 daughters, Usha, Asha, Isha, and Shusha.

      Dr. Usha MD is an associate Professor in Alleppey Medical College. She is  married to  Dr.Aniyan mammoottil Kizhakkethil, Thiruvalla                                 

             Dr. Asha works at Karipal hospital in Kottayam. She is married to Dr.James Neduvampurathu

           Isha married Prof. Jacob Kurian of Vakathanam Onattu family

           Susha B.Sc. (Agriculture) married  John Thomas (Benny ) of Edayarummula Mappilasery family.They are working In UAE 

VI.       2.     Advocate P.C. Ninan (Thampi)  marriedSanthamma daughter of   Vallamkualam Vadakkeparmpil. Kurian.

            He has two sons & one daughter

    Children:  VII.       

        1.  Meera  is married to  George Thomas of Karumannil family and he works for Cochin refineries.

               2.     Ashok married Ealu, daughter of Muvatupuzha Dr. G.E. Poulose of Kodaspurathu family.

                       Ashok works for MRF.

 Children:  VIII. 

        1. Syra

              2. Nevin

      VII.           3. Prakash married Renu (daughter of Babychen of Kumarakom Vazhakulam family.)

      Children    VIII.

      1.  Vivek.

           2. Sneha


VI.            3.Dr. Abraham Jacob married Mariam   ( D/o P. Alexander of Panampunnayil family)

                   He has three daughters

                        VII. 1.  Merren  married to Mr I Philip,cheeramattom family

                                   2. Dr. Achu Abraham.

                                        3. Sindhu.  married to Roby of Kumbanad Andathedathu family.



IV. 5. Oommachen

           Achamma of Kottayam Adimathra.


Child. V. Kujootty

                Saramma Melamparampil

Child:  VI. Kunjujamma

                   Aniyan Mukkathil

Oommachen, 2nd son of Chackochen Valliappan had only one son. Kujootty. Kojuttychayan had only one daughter, Kunjujamma.


IV. 3. Kochukunju (Cherickel Appachen)

           Annamma of Aymanam Mattithra family

Children: V.    1. Alice

                         2. Ammini

                         3. Annamma (Annammai)

                          4. Ammu

     5. Ani

Cherickel Appachen s well educated and he made sure all his 5 daughters received the best education.


Ammini married Georgekutty of Kottayam Thiruvanchur Kanakathil family.

Annamma (Annammai) had postgraduate education in nursing from England and she was the nursing superintend at Vellore Christian Medical College fro several years. Cherickel Appachen and Ammachi were staying with Annamma when they died and they were buried in Vellore. Annamma is unmarried.


Ammu was married to Kunjommachen of Thumpamon Karayathu family.


Ani was married to Rev. David of the Marthoma Church.


IV. 6. Avarachen ( P. J. Abraham, Pulikeezhu )

Avarachen Valliappan had married the sister of Yoohanon Metropolitan of the Marthoma Church.  Avarachen Valliappan was very pious and devoted and he lived to the ripe old age of 109.   Even after the age 100, he used to walk all the way to the Mepral church to visit the grave site of his wife. He had 5 sons and 5 daughters.    

Children:  V.

1. Chackochen

2. Mathaichen

3. Cheriachen

4. Johny

5. Joy

Eldest  daughter  Achamma married to Eipe Thomas of Kovoor Vengal Manapurathu.

2nd daughter Thankamma married to Kunjommachen of Kacharackel family.

3rd daughter Mary married to George of Trivandrum Ebenezer Cottage.

4th daughter Sussy married to A.E. Thomas of Perumpetty Athyalil family.

5th daughter Molly married to C.O. Kurian of Kavumbhagom Chethikadu family.

 V.  1.        Chackochen  (P.A. Chacko - Late) married Pennamma Mavelikara Nadavallil (Late)

 Children:  VI. 

    1. Aby             

         2. Valsa

They lives in Mavelikara.

Their daughter Valsa is married to Philip of Kankalil family Kurathikad Mavelikara.

VI. 1. Aby  married   Kochumol from Karthikapally Anjilivelil family

Children:  VII. 

     1. Togy  


 V. 2.  Mathaichen Puthenpurackel   Married Kunjamma Thykadavil, Pulikeezhu

  Children:  VI.

    1. Rachel P. Mathew M.A., L.L.B.

              2. Annie Oommen

                       3. Abraham Mathew ( Kunju)

                              4. Kuruvila Mathew (Kochumon)                                                

Mathaichen after his service with the military, worked for the Pampa Sugar factory and Central Excise department. He was the Kadapra Panchayat President for 2 terms.  

VI. 1. Rachel P. Mathew was a student leader and an excellent speaker. She presently practices law in Thiruvalla and Pathanamthitta. She married to Advocate Thomas Mathew of Payatukala family, Keezhvaipur.  He was a K.P.C.C. member and was active in politics.

 VI. 2. Annie married to Oommen of Kozhimannil family Mepral.  

VI.  3. Abraham Mathew ( Kunju) married Thankachi of Niranam Kunniparampil family Niranam.           .

    Children: VII.

      1. Soju (Merlin Mary Abraham)

              2. Sona ( Anju Anna Abraham)

 Kunju is presently employed in Gulf. 

VI.   4.    Kochumon married Shiba (Daughter of Varghese Zachariah of Kuzhimattathu Parayil Puthenpurackel family)       

Children: VII.

1. Anu Mathew ( Appuse)

             2. Anu Mary Kuruvila

V.      3.  Cheriachen [P.A. Cherian] married Kunjamma, Niranam Mattackal

 Children:  VI. 

     1. P.C. Abraham [Dadu]

             2. P.C. Varghese ( Bobby)

                  3. Sherry Cherian

                        4. Shaji cherian

                             5. Laji Cherian

                                 6. Bijoy Cherian

                                    7. Shyla

8. Sherly

VI. 1. P. C. Abraham married Baby from Edathua Karukayil  family 

      Children: VII. 

1.  Nibu

             2. Bindu married to Jaison Varghese of Ranni Kulanjikombil.

    VI. 2.  P.C. Varghese (Bobby) married Valsa (Late) Malampruathu family, Ranni Mannamaruthy.

    Children: VII. 

1.   Bony  

      2.    Tony

              3.     Titta  

VI. 3.  Sherry Cherian married Nancy from Mavelikara Karuthedathu family      

Children:  VII.

1.   Micky        

             2.  Meera   

VI. 4.  Shaji Cherian married Julie Njaliplackal family Ezhumattoor, Mallapally      

Children: VII.  

1.   Asha

    2. Nisha

         3. Joshua

 VI 5.  Laji  married  Susy Edavattalil family, Pathanadu 

Children: VII.

1. Sherin

             2. Sweety 

  VI 6.  Bijoy Cherian married Angie from Ranni Anthiriyath family & residing in New Jersy[USA]



Shyla married to Roy Chacko of Kuttapuzha Thottunkal family.

Sherly married to Reji of Mulamoottil family Kozhenchery 

V. 4.    Johnny (P.A. John) married   Kunjujamma from Parumala Ozhathil family   

Children: VI.

1. Shobha (Rachel John)

2. Anil ( Jacob John) married Ireena [ D/o Kocheeppan Mappilai Kandathil family Thiruvalla ]

V.    5.  Joy ( P.A. Abraham) [Late] married Gracy (Annamma ) D/o.Alexander , Niranam Manalel Madathil family

Children: VI. 

1. Aby Poothicote ( Jiju ) married Rekha [ D/o Dr. Titty K.Simon ,Kurudamannil family, Ayroor ]

             2. Alex Poothicote ( Jiji )

                    3. John Poothicote ( Jibu )

                            4. Rachel ( Rohini ) married to Eapen Mathew Mepurathu family, Nellikamon, Ranni.


CHACKOCHEN Valliappan (III) after the death of his fist wife married Chakalayil Aleyamma.  In this marriage they had a daughter Kunjamma and 2 sons, Chacko (Kochu) and Cherian (Kujootty)




IV.   7. Chacko (Kochu, Kaleekaparampil)

           Annamma , Kallada Malayil

  Children:  V.  1. Dr, Aleyamma Chacko

                                       2. Kochannamma

                                        3. Lilly

                                         4. Lizy

                                          5. Chackochen

                                           6. Baby (P.C. Alexander)

                                            7. Georgekutty

                                             8. Cheriachen

Chacko (Kochu) was a teacher in Niranam St. Marys UP School and he was well respected person in Niranam.


V. 1. Dr. Aleyamma was married to Dr. P. T. Chaco of Kumazha. Aleyamma was a staff physician in several hospitals including Lizy hospital, Ernakulam. Presently she is retired and lives in Bangalore.

V. 2. Kochannamma was married to Daniel of Mavelikara Palamoottil family.


V. 3. Lilly married to K. I. MAMMEN OF Eraviparoor Kolathu Kondoor family and they are settled in Malaysia.


V. 4.  Lizy is married to Kozhenchery Thervalil T.V. Easo.


V. Engineer P. C. Chacko

     Lillykutty ( Saramma ) Vilakkupattathil

Children:  VI.  1. Jacob


                            3. Sheelu

Chackochen retired as chief engineer from Pumpa River Factory.

Suma married to Georgekutty of Mavelikara Vadakke Thalackel family.

VI. I.  Jacob

            Anita (daughter of Cheppad Parathunpalliyil P.M. Mathew)

       Children:  VII. 1. Sarah

                                  2. Samuel

V. Baby ( P.C. Alexander )

     Geetha (Martha), daughter of Paravoor Cherai Muzhuvancherilparampil M.K. Abraham.

Children: VI . 1.  Jacob ( Shery)

                          2.  Mary (Sheba)

Baby retired as senor quality control officer of Telco Company of Jemshadpore. He died in his retirement in Niranam Kaleekaparampil house.

V1. Jacob ( Baby)

              Swapna Mariam B.A.B. Ed.

Children: VII. Alex


Jacob married Swapna who is the daughter of V.A. Eapen of Mallapally Valakuzhiyil family. Swapna is a school teacher.


V .   7. Georgekutty ( P.C. George)


       Children: VI. 1. Jacob (Biju)

                                Paul ( Binoy)

Georgekutty was a successful businessman. Both their sons are engineers.


V1.  1. Jacob ( Biju)


Children: VII.  1. Praveen

                                 2. Priya.

Biju and Suma are both engineers and work at Kollam Cavara I.R. F. company. They have a son Praveen, and daughter Priya.


VI.             2. Paul ( Binoy)


     Children: VII.  Ramya.

Binoy married to Sindhu from Kozhenchery Kolath Kidagalil family. They have one daughter Ramya. Binoy is an engineer working for I.S.R.O. in Trivandrum.


V.               8. Cheriachen ( P. C. Cherian)


        Children: VI.  Gigi ( Jacob Cherian)


Cheriachen, the 4th son of Kaleekaparampil Chackochen married Leela (Elizabeth M.A.), who was the daughter of Advocate K.S. Joseph of Ayiroor Kurudamannil family.  Cheriachen was deputy director in the agricultural department from 1964 to 1989. He was also in Nigeria from some time. They have only one son, Gigi.  Leela died in 1978 at the age of 32.


VI.            Gigi ( Jacob Cherian)

           Somi ( Elizabeth)

     Children: VII.  Irene Elizabeth Jacob.

Gigi is an mechanical engineer working in Bombay. He married to Somi, the daughter of C. George of Thiruvella Amprayil family.


IV.            8.  Kunjujutty ( Cherian)


Children V.   1. Leela

                        2. Annie

                         3. Swathi

                       4. Lalji

                             5. Roni

Kunjujutty, the Chackochen Valliappan s send son in his second marriage was married to Saramma of Niranam Haripad Tharayil family.  They had 3 daughters, Leela, Annie, and Swathi, and 2 sons, Lalji and Roni.

V.  1. Leela is married to K. Thomas of Thattarampalam Kottapurath family.


V.  2. Annie is married to Mathew Varghese of Arikupurath Mankidiyil Karikad family.


V.               3. Swathi is married to K.V. Mammen of Kizhakekara Challavayalil family.



V.                4.  Lalji (P. C. Jacob M.A.)

                Molly (Aleyamma)

       Children:  1. Dr. Sajiv Cherian

                           2. Manoj Mathew Cherian

                           3. Manju Sarah Jacob


Lalji married to Molly, daughter of M. A. Mathew of Niranam Mattackel Pallthu family.  He was a lecturer in Thiruvella Marthoma College for several years and later worked in Nigeria.  He was very devoted and proud of our ancestral family. I got many of the old manuscripts about poothicote family from him. He died in 1999.

He has 2 sons, Sajiev, and Manoj, and one daughter, Manju.


VI.            1.  Dr. Sajive Cherian


Children:  Karthik

Sajive woks in the Eye hospital in Madya Pradesh. His wife Neethu Cherian C.A. is the daughter of Cherian Zachariah of Manjadiyil Kurinanvattathu.  She also woks in Madhya Pradesh. They have one son, Karthik.


VII.        2. Manoj Mathew Jacob L.L.B. works for F.A.C.T. company.


VI.            2. Ronny (Eipe Cherian)


Children: VI. 1. Tijo Cherian Eipe 

                         2. Tino  Mathew Eipe

                          3. Tinku Sarah Eipe

Ronny, the 2nd son of Kunjujutty married Kunjujamma, daughter of Baby of Kalaparampil Thoppil family. They have 2 sons, Tijo and Tino, and a daughter, Tinku.


V1.  Tijo Cherian Eipe


Children: VII. Eipe Cherian ( Ampotty)

Tiju, the eldest son of Ronny is married to Shiba, daughter of M.T. Chacko of Chegannoor Alamannareth family. They have one son, Ampotty. Tiju is a pharmacist in and works in Vayanad.


VII.        2. Tino Mathew Eipe is a student.


VII.        3.  Tinku, the only daughter of Ronny is married to Jinu Panikkaredath.





111.   7.  Gheevarugheechen

                Pappiyamma Akkara

Children: IV  1. Kunjupennu

                   2. Chinnamma

                   3. Kochu

                    4. Papachen (P.G. Cherian)


Gheevarugheechen and his sister were born to the 2nd wife of Cherian Valliappan Mariamma, who the widow of Ponnu Oommachen Muthalali of the Nellimootil family.   Oommachen Muthalali sister was the first wife of Cheriachen Valliappan.

Oommachen Muthalali was lost in a possible ship wreck and no news about him was available for more than 7 years.


In the meantime, her husband s business partner, Nattukotta Chettiar tried to acquire all his partners wealth by dubious means.  Mariamma bravely and astutely resisted Chettiar s attempts.


There is an interesting story of how Mariamma cleverly defeated the Chettiar  bribed the local government officer- thahasildar- and came with him to Mariamma s house to recover gold which Chettiar claimed was his. Mariamma with the help of her devoted servant, made hole in the floor in one of her rooms and buried all the gold in it.  When Thahasildar and the Chettiar arrived, Mariamma got on to a pettukattil- the low height bed the women used in those days to deliver babies- and pretended that she was having severe abdominal pain. The bed was just above where gold was buried and she also had a Naripodu- wood burning vessel- over it. Thahasildar and Chettiar searched every place except where the gold that was buried and they found nothing. Before they left, Mariamma secretly intimated the thahasildar to come at night and search her well. Mariamma made sure that a gold plate was secretly left in the well. At night Thahasildar came and took the gold plate for himself and he no more bothered Mariamma.

According to the custom in those days, if a husband disappeared for more than 7 years and there was no news about him, he could be presumed dead and his wife could remarry.  There was no news about Ponnu Oommachen for more than 7 years.  By this time Cherian Puthen Purackel also had become a widower. So with the permission of the Church and the Malankara Metropolitan, Cherian married Mariamma, the widow of his brother-in-law Oommachen. This Mariamma was a descendent of Middle Eastern immigrants who came to Quilon, Kerala in 825 AD with Bishop Mor Proth and Mor Sabor. There are many who believe that the Malayalam era was started in AD 825 to commemorate their arrival in Kollam.


Mariamma was very beautiful and intelligent. She brought all the wealth of her former husband to Mepral. She divided it in to 2 equal shares; one half of the share was given to her son Gheevareechen and the other half of the share to the 4 sons of husband by previous marriage. Mariamma died when he r children were 5 and 3 years old.


Judge Great grandpa sent Gheevarugheechen and his 2 younger brothers for English education in Kochi British grammar school.  He rented a house in Fort Cochin for his children and  sent servants to take care of them.

After the schooling, Gheevarugheechen married Akkara Kurian writer s daughter Pappiyamma.  About this wedding, in the Akkara family history, it is written that it was one of the most elegant wedding of the time. Many VIP guests including the British Resident representing English government and Kings special representatives were present for the wedding.

Gheevarugheechen was appointed as sub-registrar by the government and he held the job in Thiruvella for few years.  In 1885, he built a house in Payikandom and moved there. 



IV. 1. Kunjupennu, the eldest daughter of Gheevarugheechen was married to Korakunju of Kottayam Kallupurackel family.  Philipose Mor Theophilose of the Malankara Orthodox Church was one the children in this marriage.


After retiring from his job as sub-registrar, Gheevarugheechen was taking care of his agricultural properties and he died in 1893 (M.E. Kumbham 11). Wife Pappiyamma had died 2 days earlier.


IV.  2. Chinnamma was married to Edukkilachen of Vallamkualam Variamkattil Kandathil family. He was a government treasury officer. Wedding as it was arranged by Chinnamma s brother Papachen, was solemnized in Mepral St. Johns Church.


IV. 3. Kochu was married to K.M. Pothen. Pothen was Travancore State Fisheries Inspector.



IV.   4. Papachen ( P.G. Cherian)

            Sosamma Manammal Palamittom

Children: V.  1. Kunju

                      2. Pennamma

                         3. Kunjamma.

Papachen after the death of his parents had moved back to Kottayam and was living there with his 2 sisters in the property they inherited from their mother s Akkara family. Papachen had English education like his father. After his marriage, Papachen moved back to Mepral.  Papachen died in 1902 ( M.E. Edavam 5) and was buried in Mepral Church.

When her husband died Sosamma was very young. She rejected the advice of her brothers, M.C. Pothen, M.C. George, and M.C. Chandy to remarry. She stayed in Payikandom and took her of her children.


V.               2.  Pennamma. The eldest daughter of Papachen was married to Kuttappan of Puthupally Kochuparampil family.

V.               3.  Kunjamma was married to Koshy Kunju of Maramon Palakunnathu family.






V.  1.   Kunju ( Cherian George)


Children:  VI .  1.  Chinnamma

             2.  Ponnamma


            3. Papachen (Advocate George P. Cherian)

            4. George Kurian ( His Grace Kuriakose Mor Coorilose)

            5. Kunjamma



Kunju ,the only son of Papachen was born in 1900. He married Kunjujamma, daughter of Kuriachen of Viyapuram Pullipadavil Valiyaputhenpurayil family. He was managing the ancestral properties.   As for a long time he had no sons, he made promise to God that if he got 2 sons, one will be offered one service as priest. His second son later became Metropolitan Kuriakose Mor Coorilose.


    VI.    1.     Chinnamma was married to Kochu of Kottayam Chakalaparampil family.    

VI.        2.             Ponnamma Kodiyattu married to Papachen from Thiruvella Kodiyattu family.

VI.  5.          Kunjamma married to Thomas Muthalali of Chathannoor Koyipurath family.


VI.    3. Papachen ( Advocate George P. Cherian) 1930


         Children:  VII.  1. Renu

                                      2. Rena

                                      3. Remani

                                       4. Georgy.

Papachen the eldest son of Payikandathil Kunju is an advocate and leader of the Church.  After the death of his father in an early age, it was Papachen who managed all affairs at home.  Poothicote family will be ever indebted to him for preparing a family history and laboriously collecting the list of all its present members. Papachen married Lalitha, the daughter of Thomas George of Trivandrum Kallath  family.


VI1.  1.  Renu, (Dr. Renu Ani P. Cherian) the eldest daughter is married to Rajan (Dr. Joseph Kurian) of Palai Athupalliyil family.  Raju is presently the RMO in Muvatupuzha.  Renu does private practice in Koothattukulam.


VII.  2.  Rena ( Susan Verghese B.Com) is married to Prof. Verghese Joshua, the son of retired district and sessions judge Joshua of Edathua Kattumbhagathu family. He is presently in Dubai.

VII.   3. Remani (Remani John) is married to John Verghese, son of P.G. Verghese of Trivandrum Thumpon Mamootil family. He is in Dubai at present.

VI.            4 Georgi (Johncy George) is an electrical engineer and is presently in Dubai.






Manimalaparapu branches are the descendants of 2 of Cherian Valliappan s youngest children, Cherian and Kunjummen,

 Born to his 3rd wife, Puthencavil Puthenpurackel Mariamma.

 Rahelamma, the daughter in this marriage was married to Philipose, son of Avanadyar of Thumpon Thekkaveetil. Another daughter<Mariamma died young.


III.  8.  Cheriachen

                Mariamma Thevalakara Thazhamangalth

                  Thankamma  Kaniyanthra Vallath


     Children: IV. 1. Unnoonni (Cherian Poothicote)

                         2. Kochappy ( Sub-registrar)

                         3. Kunjappy

                          4. Chackochen (Chacko Poothicote)

                           5. Georgekutty

                            6. Chinnamma

                             7. Kuttyamma

                              8. Aleykutty.

Chriachen s first wife Mariamma died very young, leaving her only son Unnoonni. The other children were born to Thankamma.


IV.  5.         Chinnamma was married to   Joseph of Kumarakath Vayalattusheril family.


IV.  5. Kuttyamma married to Georgekutty of Kattotu Angelivalil          family.


IV.  6. Aleykutty married to Peter of  Thumpon Karingatil family.


IV. 1. Unnoonni ( Cherian Poothicote)

           Mariamma Kottayam Pukadiyil

                Kunjannamma Edathua Vadumpurackel


         Children:  1. P.C. Cherian ( Kuttyachen)

                   2. P.O. Cherian

                   3. P.G. Cherian

                    4. Kochu Mariamma

                     5. Kochaliamma

                     6. Annamma

                      7. Ammini

                      8. Leela

                       9. Sophy

Kuttyachen was the only son born to Cherian poothicote in his first marriage to Mariamma.  After Mariamma s death, he married Kunjannamma and 8 children were born in that marriage.

Cherian poothicote was a B.A. graduate from Madras University, took a job in Travancore excise department. Later he resigned the job and spent one year with Mahatma Gandhi in his ashram.  He also helped to form a Syrian Christian regiment for the army during the Second World War.  Later he turned his energies to industries and plantation.  With other members of the family he started a rubber estate in Arayanpara, near Ranni. The company still exists and is called "The West Coast Industrial Company Limited". The estate is called Arayanpara Estate and is well known in that area. He donated land for the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church in Kuttapuzha, Thiruvella. This is mentioned in the church website. 

V.  4.  Kochu Mariamma married to engineer VG. John of Omalloor Vadakedath family.


V.  5. Kochaliamma married to Jacob Alexander, son of K.J. Alexander of Kodiyattu family


V.  6.           Annamma married to Thampi ( C.K. Thomas) of Kottayam Kunnukuzhiyil family.



V. 7.  Ammini married to        engineer O.A. Mathew (Motty) of Kumarakom Orupettithara family.       


V. 8   Leela married to Kaviyoor Mavalil Abraham Verghese. He is with Kannan Davan Company.


V.  9.   Sophi married to M. C. Cherian of Moolamannil family.



V.  1    Kuttyachen  ( P.C. Cherian)

             Leelamma (Kunchikutty) Akkara

  Children: VI.  1. P.C. Cherian Jr.

                            2. Elizabeth

                            3. Jani

Kuttyachen, the eldest son of Cherian Poothicote married the daughter of Akkara Achayan. Kuttichen was a prominent figure in the social circles in Kottayam.


VI.  1. Elizabeth is married to Babu of  Kottayam Kiliroor Kalarickel family.  


VI. 2.   Jani  is married to Paul of Kanjirapalli Karimpanal family.



VI.  3. P.C. Cherian Jr.                   

          Preethi Pullukad


    Children VII. 1. Chejith Cherian

                             2. Deepa


P.C. Cherian has won several national prizes for his skills in rifle and pistol target shootings.




V. 2. P.O Cherian


Children:  VI.  Unni Cherian

P.O. Cherian works for the world bank and lives in Washington.

His only son Unni Cherian is a journalist. Unni married Lyn an American.


V.  3.  P.G. Cherian (Kunjumon)

          Ammu Kandathil Pazhayaparampil


     Children:  VI. 1. Kiran

                               2. Eliza

                                3. George.

Kunjumon, the 3rd son of Cherian Poothicote, after his education in Madras Christian College, manages the family business.  He is married to Ammu, the daughter of Kochunnooni of Kandathil Pazhayaparampil family.


VI. 1. Kiran is married to Geoffrey Thomas of Thoppil Puthenpurackel family. She is very active with Poothicote family unit in Madras.


VI. 2.  Eliza is married to Vivek Kuruvila of Pulikaparampil family, Bangalore.


VI. 3.  George, the only son of Kunjumon completed his MBA from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and he runs the company now. He married Nikita and has a daughter called Elaine who is studying in Believer's school, Thiruvella.


V. 2.  P.C. Abraham (Kochappy)

               Anna Kollenkerril

        Children:  VI. 1. Rajan

                                2. Molly

                                3. Ani

                                 4. Kunjumol

P.C. Abraham, Kochappy is the 2nd son of Manimalaparapil Cheriachen Valliappan and the eldest born to his second wife Thankamma (Kaniyanthra Vallath).  He took B.A. degree from Maharajas College and was employed with the Tata Sons Company in Bombay (the first person from Kerala to have received an offer letter. Later he joined the Travancore registration department as sub- registrar. He was married to Annamma, daughter of Chackochen of Aymanam Kollumkeril family. He died on August 22, 1982 and was buried in Mepral.


VI. 2. Molly married to Cherian of Chathannoor Mathukunneth family.


VI. 3.  Ani married to Kunjavarachen of Alleppey Pupallil family.         


VI. 1. Rajan                           

           Jayanthi ( Elizabeth)

       Children: VII. 1. Meera M.Sc.


                                   3. Yohan


VII. Meera is married to Dr. George Kurian of Kaithayil family. He works at Vellore Christian Medical College. Meera is a teacher in C.M.C. school, Vellore.


VII. 2. Kunjumon B.Sc. works for an achar company in Calicut.        


V.  4. . Chacko ( Chacko Poothicote)

      Baby Chathannoor Nedumchira


Children:  V.  1. Lalitha

                          2. Ani.

                          3. Kochumol ( Aleykutty)

                          4. Thampi (Cherian)


Chacko Poothicote was the 4th son of Manimalaparapu Cherian Valliappan.  After his high school education, he went for engineering education in Madras. But before completing the education, he joined the Indian independence struggle.  He became a leader of the Indian national Congress party and was arrested and spent some time in jail.  He was the mandalam president of the Congress Party in Thiruvella for several years.  The famous Mepral convention of Congress party in 1948 was organized by him.  He has been honored by the president of India for his services to the country.

He is married to Baby, daughter Mathaichen of Nedumchira Puthenveetil family.

He died on May 1, 1977.


V.  1. Lalitha

          David Oommen

Children: VI.  1.Manju

                          2. Sanju

                           3. Premu

Premu is married to Kevin Griffin. Kevin is a teacher and Premu works in business/retail. 

Lalitha is a psychologist and her husband David Oommen (Achenkunju is a businessman.

They live in Chicago.


V. 2. Annie, the 2nd daughter of Chacko poothicote is married to Cherian Jacob, son of K>c. Chacko of Kozhamvellore Kalikal Benglavil family.  Ani, after her M.Sc. from Trivandrum University College was a lecturer in Thiruvella Marthoma College.  They were for several years in Nigeria and after retirement, presently live in Trivandrum.


V. 3. Kochumol ( Aleykutty), the 3rd daughter of Chacko Poothicote was to Ninan Eapen of Thiruvella Kovoor Kunneth family. While they were living in Trivandrum, Kochumol was killed in motor accident on August 12, 1982.


V. 4.  Thampi (Cherian)


Children:  Chiku ( Chacko)


Thampi after his B.A. degree, had higher education in America. He worked in Nigeria also for several years. Now he is the Kerala area manager for Singer Company and workd from  Cochin.

Thampi is married to Prabha, daughter of Devassy Ousep of Muken family. Prabha is also the sister of His Grace  Dr. Mor Aphrem Metropolitan of the Caldean Church.

Chiku is an engineering  student in Cochin University.


V.  5. P.C. George ( Georgekutty)

               Ammini Kandathil D/o Chacko Mappilai, Tiruvella

Children: VI.  1. Sabu ( Cherian George)

                        2. Lalu


Georgekutty is the youngest son of Manimalaparapil Cherian Valliappan. He was in the military for few years and then he worked as a teacher in Ethiopia for 18 years. 

Georgekutty married Ammini, daughter of Kandathil Chacko Mappila.

VI. 2. Lalu is married to George, son Punnose Ottathyckal, the owner of C.P. press, Ernakulam. He has retired as secretary of Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council, Delhi.


V1. Sabu  ( Cherian George B.Com.)

                    Soma, Chiraparampil, Perumthuruthy

Children: VII. 1. Sheena

                           2. Georgy


Sheena has taken her Masters from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is married to Sanju Vayaliparambil and presently residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Sanju is an engineer working for TCS. They have a son named David.

Georgy has finished his Bachelors from Loyola College, Chennai and Masters from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai.

Sabu is the Dy. General Manager of Catholic Syrian Bank in Chennai.

Soma has resigned as Asst. Manager of the same bank.




III. Manimalaparapil Kunjummen (Kochikkachen)


III. 9.  Kunjummen Vakil ( Kochikkachen)

                 Mariamma Puthupally Vazhaparampil

Children: IV.  1. Papachen (P.C. Cherian)

                          2. Kunjamma

                          3. Kunjannamma

                          4. Kunju Mariamma

Manimalaparapil Kunjummen Vakil is the youngest son of Cherian Valliappan.  He is the only person in my great-grandfather s generation that I was able to see.

Kunjummen and his brothers, Cheriachen, and Payikandathil Gheevarugheechen had their English education in Cochin. Their father Cherian Valliappan rented a house and arranged for servants in Cochin for their studies. After his studies in Cochin, Kunjummen continued his law studies in Trivandrum.  After his legal education, Kunjummen practiced law in Kottayam and Thiruvella.  He married Puthupally Vazhaparampil Mariamma. They  had a son , Pappachen and 3 daughters.


IV. 2. Kunjamma married to Avarachen of  Thalavady Mamootil family.


IV.  3. Kunjannamma married to Varkeyachen of Kiliroor Kalarickel family 


IV. 4.  Kunju Mariamma married to Koshy of Chegannoor Oorayil family.             




IV.  1.    Papachen ( P.C. Cherian)

               Saramma Varikattil

Children:  V.  1. Leela

                         2. Kunjumol

Papachen was born on 1903 (ME Kumbham 12). He took his BA degree from Punjab University and LT from Madras University.  He was a teacher in Singapore for few years. Then he was a teacher in MGM high school, Thiruvella.  He was also for some time the manager of Decan bank in Thiruvella. He was a highly respected community leader in Thiruvella. He was a large hearted man who had the welfare of poothicote family always in his mind.


V  1.Leela  married to T. V. Varghese Thukalan.

V.  2.           Kunjumol married to Cheriachen of Ankamali Vayaliparampil family.



II.  5.  Kizhakeveetil ( Elaviralil) Kochitty Kuruvila (Kochujachen) b 1819

           Achamma  Manimala Karikattoor Kulathoor

                  ?                                  Adoor Nellimootil

Children: III. 1. Kuruvila (Plakad Manimala)

                         2. Mathachen (Paruvaparampil)

                          3. Eapachen (Poikat)

                          4. Oommachen (Kizhakeveetil)

                          5. Annamma Kuruvianakunnel

                          6. Kochitty Kuruvila Elaviralil

                          7. Cheriankunju  Palampallam

                           8. Chackochen Nenchemkandam

                            9. Kunjadamma Kaiyalakakath

                           10. Mariamma Palakunnel Koothrapallil


Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila was the 4th son of Judgi Valliappan. He was very handsome, healthy, and sharp witted. He was send with his elder sister for education after the death of his mother. He later married Achamma of Manimala Karikattoor Kulathoor family. She was related to his brother-in-law.

When Kizhakeveetil Valliappan married Achamma was the only child to her parents and she was to inherit all her father s wealth. But after her marriage, her parents had another son born. There is a story that Achamma s father one day came to Judge Valliappan and confessed that he is sorry that he can not give all wealth to Achamma as he has now a son. Judgi Valliappan consoled him and told him not to worry about Achamma s inheritance as great-grandpa had made enough wealth for all his children. Still Achamma received half of his father s wealth in Manimala. Kizhakeveetil Valliappan continued to live in Mepral.

His first 5 children, Kuruvila, Mathachen, Eapachen, Oommachen, and Annamma were born to Achamma.


After the death of Achamma, Kizhakeveetil Valliappan married from Adoor Nellimootil Thekaveetil family. His second wife was the sister of Ponnachen Muthalali and also the younger sister of his elder brother Cherian s wife Annamma.

III. 1. Kuruvila, the first son of Kizhakeveetil Valliappan is the ancestor of the Manimala Plakad branch of the Poothicote family.


III.  2.  Mathachen, the second son is the founder of the Paruvaparampil branch.


III. 3. Eapachen is the founder of Poikat branch.


III. 4. Oommachen is the founder of the present Kizhakeveetil branch.


IV.  5. Annamma was married to Mathachen of Palai Kuruvinakunnel family.


After his 2nd marriage, Kizhakeveetil Valliappan moved to the newly built Elaviralil house.

III.  6.Elaviralil Kochitty Kuruvila, the first son in the 2nd marriage, is the ancestor of the Elaviralil branch.


III. 7. Cheriankunju is the founder of Palampallam branch.


III.  8. Chackochen is the founder of Nenchemkandam branch.


III.   9. Kunjadamma was married to Kaiyalakakathu family of Karthikapally.


III. 10. Mariamma, the youngest daughter of Kizhakeveetil Valliappan  was married to Joseph Vakil of Palakunnathu. Joseph Vakil was a famous lawyer of the period.






 III.  1.  Kuruvila

                  ?  Pallikadavil, Niranam

                  ?  Thekkekarayil, Changanachery

Children:    IV.  1. Chackochen

                            2. Oommachen

                            3. Kunjampai

                             4. Mariamma

                              5. Kathrinamma

                              6. Kunjannamma

                               7. Chachyamma

                                8. Annamma

                                 9. Saramma


Kuruvila, the eldest son of Kizhakeveetil Valliappan, moved to Manimala and supervised the properties inherited through his mother. He is the ancestor of Plakad branch of the Poothicote family. 


While other brothers of Kuruvila had no interest in moving out of Mepral, he moved to Manimala and started the development of properties there.  He turned much of the forests and hills in Manimala to cultivable land. He is the first one to introduce coconut cultivation in that area.  He had worker from Manimala, but he also brought worker from Mepral.


He was very diligent and hard working, but also very compassionate and very religious. There is story that once he noticed there were less coconuts collected from one of his lands and he thought of some cheating going on. One day with few of his trusted workers, he stayed at night and watched this coconut grove. He caught red-handed a man on the coconut tree stealing.  But he advised the thief to be careful and not to fall of the tree. Once he found out the man was very poor, and did the stealing because of extreme poverty, he Kuruvila Valliappan offered him food, money and job.


IV. 1. Chackochen

               Kunjadamma, Mamootil

               Achiyamma, Vallyath

Children:  V. 1. Valliakunju

                       2. Kochukunju

                        3. Kunjadamma

                         4. Saramma

                          5. Mariamma


V.  3. Kunjadamma was married to ?  Pulimkunnu Nadukaveetil family



V.  4.  Saramma married to  ? Chennakery Padupurackel family


V. 5.    Mariamma married to  ? Pulimkunnu Nalpathankulathil family




V.   1. Valliakunju

            Thresiamma Kallarackel, Kanjirapalli.

             Kunjannamma Kaniyanthra Pulntherayil

Children:   VI.  1. Chackochen

                                   2. Dominic ( Papachen)

                                     3. Raju (Babychen)

                                      4. Mathew

                                       5. Thomaskutty ( Thomachen)

                                        6. Thankamma

                                         7. Kunjamma

                                          9. Mariamma

                                         10. Gracy

                                          11. Celin   

                                           12. Leelamma

                                            13. Lizyamma

                                             14. Ponnamma

                                              15. Lalitha

Valiakunju first married from Thresiamma of Kallarackel family, Kanjirapalli. The first 2 sons, Chackochen and Dominic are from this marriage.

After the death of his first wife, Valliakunju Valliappan married Kunjannamma, daughter of Mammachen from Mepral Kaniyanthra Pulintharayil family. His 13 other younger children were born in this marriage.


V.  2. Kochukunju

          Rosamma Keekarikkattoor

Children:  VI. 1. Chackochen

                                  2. Saramma

                                   3. Achamma

VI. 2. Saramma married to Kurisummootil family of Kanjirapalli.


VI. 3. Achamma married to Muricken family of Muttuchira.


VI.  1. Chackochen  (Kochakkochen)   married Kunjamma from Champakulam.



IV. Oommachen

       Sosamma Poovathoor Kavalayil    

Children: V.   1. Kuruvila

                          2. Mathaichen

                         3. Eapachen

                          4. Papachen

                           5. Avarachen

                            6. Anthonichan

                             7. Chackochen

                             8. Ousapachen

                              9. Aleyamma

                                10. Saramma                             

                               11.  Mariamma

                                12. Kathrina

Oommachen is the 2nd son of Kuruvila Valliappan. His oldest son Kuruvila died young.


IV. 3.  Kunjampai

           Achiyamma Thaikadavil Pulikiezh

  Children: V. 1. Kunju    

                                 2. Baby

                                  3. Eapachen

                                   4. Kunjamma

Kunjampai, the third son of Kuruvila Valliappan married Achiyamma from Thaikadavil family in Pulikiezh. He has 3 sons and daughter.

V. 4. Mariamma is unmarried.


V.  1. Kunju married Mariamma from Cherthala Parayi family.


V. 2. Baby married Rosy, daughter of Peshkar Thevercad T. Chandy.


V. 3. Eapachen married Gracy of Kanjirapalli Pottenkulam family.







Paruvaparampil- sub-branch


III. 2.  Mathachen Paruvaparampil

               Kunjamma Astamudiyil Pulliparampil Manapurath

    Children: IV.  1. Daniel

                             2. Chackochen (Kochu Chackochen, Pathinettil)

                              3. Kunjadamma

                               4. Achamma

                                5. Annamma


Mathachen, the 2nd son of Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila married Kunjamma of Astamudiyil Pulliparampil Manapurathu family. He had 2 sons, Daniel and Chackochen, and 2 daughters, Achamma and Annamma.


IV. Kunjadamma married to ? Meenatheril

IV. Annamma married to ? Karthikapally Kizhakepurath


IV. 1. Daniel

           Aleyamma Kaniyanthra Pothuvath

Children:  V.  1. Papachen

                          2. Kujukunjachen

                           3. Chackochen

                           4. Kunjamma

                            5. Aleykutty

Daniel, the eldest son of Paruvaparampil Mathachen, married Aleyamma of Kaniyanthra Pothuvath family. He had 2 sons, Papachen and Kujukunjachen, and 2 daughters, Kunjamma and Aleykutty.


V.   4.  Kunjamma was married to ?  Shankaramangalath Edavamvalil family.


V.  5.  Aleykutty was married to Thukalasseril Perumpallikattu family.


V. 1. Papachen

      2. Aleyamma Channamkaril Cherukattusaril

Children: VI.   1. Baby

                                  2. Mariamma


Papachen, the eldest son of Daniel Paruvaparampil married Mariamma from Channamkeril Cherukattusseril family. They had a son, Baby, and a daughter, Mariamma.


V. 2. Mariamma married to ?


VI. I. Baby
        Chellamma  Mavelikara

   Children: Omana.

Baby and Chellamma have only one daughter Omana.


VII. Omana

       Kunjumon Chempooril Vazhaparampil

Children: VIII. 1. Kochumon

                            2. Kochumol

Omana and Kunjumon have a son and a daughter, Kochumon and Kochumol.


V. 2. Kujukunjachen

         Annamma Munjanattusseril Kavuvatta

Children: VI. 1. Georgekutty

                         2. Kuruvila (Kunjujutty)

                          3. Thomas ( Kunjommachen)

                           4. Pennamma

                            5. Kunjannamma

                             6. Chinnamma


Kujukunjachen, the 2nd son of Paruvaparampil Daniel Valliappan married         Annamma from Munjanattusseril family in Kavuvatta. Kujukunjachen moved his residence to Kadayinikad near Manimala.


VI.  4. Pennamma married to P. M. Thomas of Paragod family.


VI. Kunjannamma married to Varghese of Punnavelil Chirakulath family.


VI. Chinnamma married to Davesia of Kanjirapalli Poovathunkal family.


VI. Georgekutty


Children: VII. 1. Kunju

                           2. Sathyan

                           3. Sajan

                            4. Omana

                            5. Saji

Kujukunjachen eldest son married Kunjamma and they have 3 sons, Kunju, Sathyan, and Sajan and 2 daughters, Omana and Saji.


VIII. 4. Omana ? Married Kumpanad

VIII.  5.Saji married Joy ?

VIII. 1. Kunju Married Sophy?

VIII.   2. Sathyan married Lizy, Ranni

VIII.  3. Sajan ?


VI.  2. Kuruvila (Kujootty) 

            Molly Pekkakuzhiyil Vellavoor

Children:  VII.  1. Prabha

                            2. Prema

                             3. Prince

Kuruvila (Kujootty), the second son of Kujukunjachen married Molly, daughter of P.M. Mathew of Vellavoor Pekkakuzhiyil family. Kujootty is one of the early leaders of the Communist Party of India. He has held public offices as Vellavoor panchayat president, President of Vellavoor cooperative society, C.P.I. jilla executive member, and kisan sabha ntional committee member.  His wife Molly is a school teacher. They have 2 daughters, Prabha and Prema, and a son Prince.


VII.  1.  Prabha is married to Thomas Mattathil Kanjamkod family.


VII.  2. Prema M.A. is married to V. K. Elthose of Rajakumaryil Valyasra family.


VII.  3. Price

               Shija Thekkanath

Children: VIII.  Prenaiy

Price, the only son of Kujootty married Shija, daughter of Poulose of Thekkanath family. They have one son, Prenaiy.


VI.  3. Thomas ( Kunjommachen)

            Kunjamma Vattasseril

Children: VII.  1.  Shoba

                            2. Shila

                            3. Priya

Kunjommachen and Kunjamma have 3 daughters.

VII. 1. Shoba married  ?Kozhivalloor.


VII.  2. Shila is married to Wilson of Ulloorickel family.

             She is sports star who has won several statewide completions. She is one of the 4 sports stars from Kerala sponsored by Myalayala Manorama for advanced training.


VIII.  2. Priya, the youngest daughter is a student.


V.  3.  Chackochen

  Sosamma Ittiyamparampil, Pulikiezh  

Children: VI.  1. Georgekutty

                          2. Thampi

                          3. Achenkunju

                          4. Sunny

                           5. Lalu

                            6. Ammini

                            7. Kunjamma

                             8. Annamma


Chackochen, the 3rd son of Daniel Valliappan, married Sosamma from Pulikiezh Ittiamparampil family. They have 5 sons, Georgekutty, Thampi, Achenkunju, Sunny, Lalu, and 3 daughters, Ammini, Kunjamma, and Annamma.


VI.  6. Ammini married to Verghese Vengal


VII. 7. Kunjamma married to Philipose of Kandathil Monoth family.


VII.   8. Annamma married to Mathew ( Trivandrum)


VI. 1. Georgekutty

             Chellamma Elanthoor

Children: VII. 1. Kunju

                            2. Ospon

                          3. Blossom

Georgekutty, the eldest son of Chackochen married Chellamma from Elanthoor. They have 2 sons, Kunju and Ospon, and a daughter, Blossom.


VII.  3.Blosm married ? lives in America,


VII. 1.  Kunju

             Susan Kovoor, Vallamkualam

Children: VIII.


Kunju married Susan from Vallamkualam Kovoor family and they live in USA.


VII. 2. Ospon

            Elsy  Thumpon

Children: VIII.

Ospon married Elsy from Thumpon and their children live in USA.



VI.  1. Thampi (P.C. Varkey)

              Kunjumol, Pullad Madolil

Children: VII.  1. Jacob


                            3. Premela

Thampi, the eldest son of Chackochen is married to Kunjumol of Pullad Madolil family. They have one son, Jacob and 2 daughters, Preethi and Premela.

Thampi lives in Koorge and is a well known in agriculture. He has a has large coffee and pepper plantations. He is a recipient of the most coveted Karshakasree award for the best land cultivator of the year. He also known by the name piper Varkey.


VII.  2. Preethi is married to Babu of Eraviparoor Plakizh Malayil family


VII.  3. Premela is married to Thankachen of Arattupuzha Plavilakandathil family.


 VII. 1. Jacob is married to Mini from Arattupuzha Plavilakandathil house.

              Jacob works with his father in the estate.


VI.   3. Achenkunju ( Kuruvila Chacko)

                Chinnamma, Thaikadavil Malayampallil

Children:  VII. 1. Gigi ( Jacob Kuruvila)

                           2. Giki Kuruvila

                            3. Gibu Kuruvila

Achenkunju, the 3rd son of Chackochen married Chinnamma, daughter of Verghese of Thaikadavil Malayampallil family, Pulikiezh. They have 3 sons, Gigi, Giki, and Gibu. Achenkunju is a superintend in a private estate.


VII. 1. Gigi( Jacob Kuruvila)

            Jessy Koyickel, Haripad

Children: VIII. Githin Jacob

 Gigi married Jessy, the daughter of Thankachen of Koyickel family, Haripad.  They have one son, Githin. Giji works in Gulf.

Jessy runs the Emarald beauty parlor.


VII. Giki Kuruvila

         Rena, Chakalayil, Malayil

Children:  VIII. 1. Jasmine

                             2. Jaison

Giki married Rena, daughter of Thankachen of Chakalayil Malayil family in Thalavady. They have a daughter, jasmine. Gili works for the Dutch Airlines.


VII. 3. Gibu works in the estate.



VI. 4. Sunny (P.C. Samuel)

             Ponnamma, Nilamvila Puthenveetil,  Kottarakara.

Children:  VII. 1. Preethi

                             2. Princy

                              3. Pushpa

Sunny, the 4th son of Chackochen married Ponnamma, the daughter of Yohannan of Kottarakara Nilamviala Puthenveetil family. They have 3 daughters, Preethi, Princy, and Pushpa.


VIII. Preethi is married to T.T. Thomas of Vallakalil house.



VI.  5. Lalu Chacko

              Jolly Mulamkattil Thoppil

Children: VII. 1. Menu

                           2. Neenu

Lalu, the 5th son of Chackochen, married Jolly, daughter of Verghese of Chegannoor Mulamkattil Thoppil family. They have 2 daughters, Menu and Neenu.

Lalu is settled in Kallissery. He presently works in Gulf.







            Sosamma, Kurumthottical, Kozhenchery

Children: V.  1. Kunjamma

                        2. Pennamma

                         3. Baby


Pathinettil Kochu Chackochen was the 2nd son of Paruvaparampil Mathachen Valliappan. He married Sosamma who was the daughter of Thomas of Kozhenchery Kurumthottical family. Her brother was Rev. K.T.Thomas (Kanthari Achan), Kurumthottical, the famous Marthoma priest of the period.

Chackochen had 2 daughters, Kunjamma, and Pennamma, and a son Baby.


V. 1. Kunjamma was married to Korachen of Mallapally Modayil family.


V. 2. Pennamma was unmarried.


V. 3. Baby ( P.C. Mathew)

         Kochelyamma, Pullucat Kaniyanthra

Children:  VI. 1.Sunny

                          2. Roy

                           3. Bhanu

                            4. Laly

                             5. Kunju

                             6. Soma

Baby was working for the Trivandrum Co-operative Bank for some time. He was married to Kochelyamma, the daughter of Very Rev. Anlexanthrios Cor-episcopa of Kaniyanthra.  Baby has 5 sons, Sunny, Roy, Bhanu, Laly, and Kunju and a daughter, Soma. For several years Baby was working as a teacher in the St. Johns School, Mepral.

Baby died at the age of 72 in 1983.


VI. 1.Sunny ( Jacob Mathew)

          Thankamma, Kachirackal Karotukoickal, Vennikulam

Children: VII. 1 . Meena


Sunny, the eldest son of Baby married Thankamma, daughter of Verghese of Vennikulam Kachirackel Karotukoickal house. They 2 daughters, Meena Jacob and Ani Jacob.

Sunny was with the Indian air force for 15 years. And later he worked for Cochin shipyard and retired from there and settled in Ernakulam near Kadavanthra junction.

Meena is married to Shaji (Jacob Varghese), son of Very Rev. C.C. Geeverghese of Keekozhoor, Charivukalayil house. Shaji is working in a Computer Networking Company in Kochi. They have two daughters, Mabel & Annabel.

Ani is married to Advocate Jiji C. George son of C.C. Geeverghese, Chambakotukudiyil family, Kothamangalam. Jiji is the sole proprietor of Kerala Yellow Pages and Managing Director of Autumn Trees Resort in Munnar. Ani is a good artist and works as an interior designer. They have two children George & Jacob.


VI.  2. Roy (Alex Mathew)

            Omana, Kurudamannil, Keekozhoor

Children: VII. 1. Meby

                           2. Ciby

Roy, 2nd son of Pathinettil Baby is married to Omana, the daughter of Verghese of Keekozhoor Kurudamannil family.  Omana is also the 4th generation of the eldest daughter of Poothicote Very Rev. Cherian Thomas Cor-episcopa.

Roy has a son, Meby and a daughter, Ciby.

Meby (MBA) works for a computer software company in Kochi. He is married to Asha (MCA) daughter of Mr. Baby Jacob, Kaduvallikudiyil Vengoor Perumbavoor. They have a son, Aman Alex M. Poothicote.

Ciby (MBA) works for Muthot M. George Group in Kottayam, she is married to Adv. Vinu Jacob, son of Chacko Tharakan Kalappurackal Family Olsha - Kottayam. They have two daughters, Amiee & Miyah.


VI.  3. Bhanu Mathew

            Leelamma Kurichiyath, Niranam

 Children: VII.  1. Tony Mathew

                            2. Sony Mathew

Bhanu, 3rd son of Pathinettil Baby is married to Leelamma, daughter of Mr. Mathew of Niranam Kurichiyath Eramalladiyil family. Bhanu was the General Manager of M.M. Foam company, Madras.

Bhanu played a key role in organizing the Madras unit of the Poothicote Kudumbayogam and family unit.  They have yearly Kudumbayogam and publish a publication Poothicodan every 3 months.

Tony Mathew (BTech MBA), software engineer, works in USA, he is married to Anju Mathew daughter of Late Dr. Mathew P.V. Puthukkeril family, Chenganoor. They have two children Rahul & Richelle.

Sony Mathew (FCA) works Genpact India in South India. Je is married to Tejyana Mathew daughter of Mr. Mathew Thomas, Naduvilemuriyil Poyyannil Family Kozhencherry. They have a son, Jaiden.


VI. 4. Laly (Cherian Mathew)

           Valsamma, Kadayanikad Peykuzhiyil

Children: VII. 1. Motty Mathew

                           2. Jotty Mathew


Laly, 4th son of Pathinettil Baby is a gifted artist and writer.  He has been in charge of art and entertainment activities during the annual get together of poothicote family members.  Laly unfortunately lost vision due to glaucoma when he was very young.

Laly is married to Valsamma, daughter of P. M. Mathew of  Kadayanikad Peykuzhiyil family. Valsamma works for the postal department.

Motty is working in UAE as an accountant, he is married to Jossy Mathew daughter of Jacob Koshy, Palathumthalakkal family, Omalloor.

Jotty works as an Accountant / Section officer of a Plantation Company in Karnataka.

VI. 5. Kunju (Kuruvilla Mathew)

         Moni Kuruvilla, Vadackal House, Mannar

Children: 1. Dn. Thomas K Poothicote


Kunju, 5th son of Pathinettil Baby is married to Moni, daughter of Mr. Oommen Thomas Vadackal house of Kottayam Kuishumuttil family. Kunju, who works as a Project Engineer for VOLTAS Airconditioning in Kochi.

Dn. Thomas K. Poothicote is ordinated as Korooyo (4th stage in priesthood) in the Syrian Jacobite church in 2007. In 2009 he ordinated as Sub-deacon (5th stage in priesthood) in Kurkmo Dayra in Turkey, now undergoing studies at the MSOT Seminary. Presently he is deputed as the secretary of H. G. Kurikose Mor Julios, Bishop of Simhasana churches of Syrian Jacobite church. He is also a Regional Commitee member of Bible Society of India.

VI. 6. Soma Zacharia

         Mr. Zacharia, Kankalil, (H) Kayamkulam


Soma, the only daughter of Pathinettil Baby, was married to Zacharia of Kayamkulam Kankalil family. Soma passed away when she was 37 years old. They have two daughters, Nadiya & Nidiya.


Nadiya is married to Appu (Jacob) son of Mr. George Kayaalathu family, Mallappily now settled in Kochi. Nadiya is a talented artist. They have a daughter, Diya Mariam.

Nidiya is pursuing C.A. program after completing B. Com. Degree.




Poikat Branch


III. 3. Eapachen Poikat

           ?  Kandathil Puthen Parmpil

Children: V.  1. Achamma

                         2. ? 2nd daughter  


Eapachen, the 3rd son of Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila was married to Kandathil Puthenveetil family. He had 2 daughters.

One daughter was married Kunjommen, son of Kaniyanthra Vathapallil Ittychandy.


IV.    1. Achamma

        Thevalakara Vaidyan

Children: V.  Kochappy

Achamma was married to Thevalakara Vaidyan and they inherited the ancestral properties of Eapachen Valliappan and settled in Mepral.

Achamma had only one son, Kochappy.


V. Kochappy

Mariamma, Thalavady Mamootil


Children: VI.  1. Kunju  (Advacate George P. Eapen)

                    2. Thankamma

Thankamma, the only daughter was married to Kunjonachen of Arattupuzha Puthenpurackel family.


VI.            2. Kunju ( Advocate George P. Eapen)

           Chinnamma Thumpon Poovan Malayil

Children: VII. 1. Lala ( George Oommen)

                     2. Lalu ( George Ninan)

                      3. Laji  ( George Koshy

                       4. Loui ( George Stephen)

                        5. Leo  ( George Kuruvila)

                         6. Lila ( Mary Mathew)

                          7. Latha ( Achamma Philip)

                           8. Lena ( Susan George)


Kunju was a good lawyer, good speaker, and an able politician.  He married Chinnamma, daughter of Ninan of Thumpon Poovn Malayil family. They have 5 sons, Lala, Lalu, Laji, Loui, and Leo and 3 daughters, Lila, Latha. And Lena.


VII.        6. Lila is married to Mezhuveli Valliaparampil P.C. Babu


VII. 7. Latha married to George Philip (Babu) of Kaipattoor Valliaveetil family.


VII.        8. Lena ( Susan George M. A.. B.Ed. L.L.B) is married to Nirmala of Thalavady Thondathara family. Lena is a high school headmistress in Bombay.


VII.  1. Lala (George Oommen)

              Shiba,  Kikozhoor Charivukalayil

Children:  VIII. Gregory P. Oommen

Lala, the eldest son of Poikat Kunju is married to Shiba, daughter of Rev. Fr. Gheeverghese of Kikozhoor Charivukalayil family. Gregory is their son.

Lala works a journalist for Times of India and he is the editor for Saturday Times. They live in Bombay.


VII. 2. Lalu ( George Ninan)


Children: VIII. 1. Alan

                            2. Atina

Lalu, 2nd son of Kunju is married to Desy, daughter of L. Kurikeshu of Ayoor Thevannoor Manniyot Porickel family. They have a son, Alan, and a daughter, Atina. Lalu works in Gulf.


VII. 3. Laji ( George Koshy)

            Jolly Thekedath

Children: VIII. 1.Sayari

                            2, Shan

Laji, 3rd son of Poikat Kunju is married to Jolly, daughter of P.K. David of Ernakulam Thekedath family. They have daughter Sayari, and son, Shan.


VII.  4. Loui ( George Stephen)

             Bindhu, Kaniyarolil

Loui is married to Bindhu, daughter of K.M. Alexander of Thiruvella Kaniyarolil family. Loui is employed in Gulf.


VIII.     5. Leo, 5th son of Poikat Kunju is employed in Gulf.





III. 4. Oommachen Kizhakeveetil

           Achiyamma, Maret, Kalluppara

Children: IV. 1. Kochikkachen

                         2. ? daughter

Oommachen was the 4th son of Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila Valliappan. He married Achiyamma from Kalluppara Maret family.

He had one son and a daughter.

Daughter was married to Eapen of Puthenkavil Parampil family.


IV. 1.  Kochikkachen

            Mariamma Valakuzhyil, Mallapally.

Children: V.  1. Kochappy ( P.K. Oommen)

                         2. Kochu Varugheechen ( P.K. Verghese)

                          3. Achiyamma

Kochikkachen married Mariamma from Mallapally Valakuzhiyil family. They had 2 sons, Kochappy and Kochu Gheevarugheechen, and a daughter, Achiyamma.

IV. 3. Achiyamma was married to Unniyachen of Puramittathu Ooriyapadickel family.


V. 1. Kochappy ( P.K. Oommen)

         Kochannamma Poovathur, Chegannoor.

Children: I. 1. Lucy

                   2. Alice

                         3. Sunny

Kochappy married Kochannamma from Poovathur family and they had 2 daughters, Lucy and Alice, and a son Sunny.

Kochappy was a highly respected teacher in Model School, Trivandrum.  Though he lived in Trivandrum and known as Thiruvanathapuram Kochappichayan, he was involved in all our family activities and was well wisher of all Poothicote members.


VII.        1. Lucy was a well known physician in India. She graduated from the Vellore Medical College as the best student of the year.  She started her career as a surgeon in St. Stephen s Hospital, Delhi. She is credited with the progress of the hospital as one of the best in the country.

Dr. Lucy was the personal physician to former Indian Prime minister Indira Gandhi. She was awarded Padmasree by the president of India for her meritorious services. When she retired in 1999, major newspapers in India wrote articles praising her services.

Later in her life, she developed Alzheimer s disease, and her brother Suuni and sister-in-law Joyamma gave her the best care in their home in Thiruvella till she died.

Dr. Lucy was unmarried.


VI.            2. Alice B.A.B.T.

 Alice started as a teacher and she was high school headmistress in Kottarakara and Trivandrum. She retired as district educational officer of Trivandrum.


VI.  3. Sunny (Jacob Oommen)

            Joyimma ( Achamma)

Children: VII. 1. Ajith Jacob

                           2. Biju Jacob

Sunny, the only son of Thiruvanathapuram Kochappichayan married Joyimma, daughter of T.C. Koshy of Puramittathu Thoppil family. They have 2 sons, Ajith and Biju.

Sunny is a good tennis player who represented Kerala University, Agra University, and Gorappur University in national championship tournaments.

VII. Ajith Jacob B.E.


Children: VIII.  1. Shawn P. Agith

                             2. Shania P. Agith

Agith, the eldest son of Sunny married Agi, daughter of A.E. George of Thiruvella Attumalil family. Thy have a son, Shawn, and a daughter, Shania. Agith and his wife are in Abudabi.


VII.  2. Biju Jacob is a sales executive for Air travelers Enterprise in Thiruvella.


V. 2. KochuVargheechen ( P.K. Verghese, B.A. L.T.)

         Chachamma Polachirackel, Mavelikara

Children: VI. 1. Sudha

                         2. Shoba

KochuGheevrugheechen, 2nd son of Kochikkachen Valliappan married Chachamma from Polachirackel family and they have 2 daughters, Sudha and Shoba.


VI. 1. Sudha M.Sc. is a teacher in Bangalore. Her husband Kujootty Thoopunkal (Dr. C. Koshy Mathai P.HD.) is a scientist with Bangalore Hasaragatta Lake. They are settled in Bangalore and have 2 sons.


VI. 2. Shoba is married to engineer Markosekutty of Kottayam Thattumkal family. They have a daughter and 2 sons.

They are in United States.








Children:  IV.  1. Thankachen (Kuruvila)

                           2. Kunjadamma   

Elaviralil Kochitty Kuruvila is the first son in the 2nd marriage of Kizhakeveetil Valliappan. After the 2nd marriage Valliappan moved to the Elaviralil house.

8         2. Kunjadamma was married to Pappy Panicker of Kalluppara Adagapurathu family.


IV. 2.  Thankachen Elaviralil

              Achamma Pupallil

Children: V. 1. Kunjukunju (P.K. George)

                         2. Unnikunju (P.K. Joseph)

Thankachen was a very prominent leader of the church and was a member of the Malankara Association (Patriarchal side). All metropolitans of the Patriarchal side, especially Poulose Mor Athanacius and Michael Mor Deaneries were very close to him. He contributed large sums of money for the church. 

Thankachen was a great lover of boat races. His racing boat Delhi was very famous and has won several boat races including the Alleppey Nehru Trophy. Elaviralil family still has this boat.


V. 1. Kunjukunju Elaviralil (P.K. George)

          Akka, Punnachira, Kottayam

Children: VI. 1. Babu (Kuruvila)

                         2. Cicily

                          3. Valsamma

                           4. Jacob (Moncy)

Unnikunju was also very active in church activities. He was also a managing committee member of the Patriarchal side. Kunju married Akkal from Kottayam Punnachira family. They have 2 sons, Babu and Moncy, and 2 daughters, Cicily and Valsamma.


VI. 2. Cicily is married to Kunjumone, son of C.A. Abraham, Kozhenchery Mulamootil family. Kunjumone is a planter in Kulassegharam.


VI. 3. Valsamma married to Dr. George Thomas of Elanjikal family, Kattanam. Dr. George Thomas has passed away.


VI. 1. Babu

        Kunjumol, Ranni Aruvickal

Children: VII. 1. Manoj

                 2. Meena

Babu (George P. Kur4uvila) married Kunjumol, daughter of Simon of Ranni Aruvickel family. They have a son, Manoj, and a daughter, Meena.


VI. 4.  Moncy (Jacob)

            Lalitha, Modayil, Karukachal

Children: VII. 1. Neethu Jacob

                          2. Renku Jacob


Moncy married Lalitha, daughter of K.C. Philip of Karukachal Modayil family. They had 2 daughters, Neethu and Rinku. Neethu died young.

Moncy died in 1995 at the age of 41.


V. 2. Unnikunju (P.K. Joseph) Elaviralil        

              Aleyamma Vettithra Kuzhikandathil

Children: VI. 1. P.J. Kuriakose

                         2. Achamma Jacob

Unnikunju, the 2nd son of Elaviralil Thankachen married Aleyamma of Vattithra Kuzhikandathil family.    They have a son, Kuriakose and a daughter, Achamma.


VI. 2. Achamma M.Sc. is married to engineer Jacob Thomas of Pallom Edathumpadickel Kiliparampil family. Jacob Thomas is an engineer at Malayala Manorama, Kottayam.


VI. 1  Kuriakose Elaviralil (P.J. Kuriakose)   

               Sunitha Pathammuttom Ennasharil 

Children: VII. 1. Shruthi Liz Kuriakose

                 2. Laya Liz Kuriakose

Kuriakose, the only son of Unnikunju Elaviralil married Sunitha, daughter of K. George of Pathanamuttom Ennasseril Ennakavil family.







           2nd marriage?


CHILDREN:  IV. 1. Unnoonni (Dr. Abraham Cherian)

                                 2. Mathaikutty

                                  3. Sosamma


IV. 3. Sosamma was married to Dr. A.E. John of Amalloor (Trichoor). Dr. A. E. John was a famous physician of the period. As Durbar Physician. He was the personal physician to the king.


9         1. Unnoonni ( Dr. Abraham Cherian)

           Sosamma, Chirayil, Karthikapalli

            Annamma Parampallil      

Children: V. 1. Baby (P.A. Cherian)

                        2. Papachen (P.A. Abraham)

                         3. Ammini

                          4. Pennamma

                           5. Gracy

                            6. Thankamma

                             7. Kunjumone


Unnoonni (Dr. Abraham Cherian) was a physician with Kannan Devan Company. After retiring, he continued private practice. He was the secretary of Poothicote Kudumbayogam for several years. It was his devotion and dedication to our family that restated the annual Poothicote family gets together restarted after a lapse of few years. He was also very deeply religious and involved in gospel work.

Unnoonni was first married to Sosamma of Chirayil family. The first 2 sons, Baby and Papachen, and daughters, Ammini and Thankamma were born in this marriage.

After the death of Sosamma, Unnoonni married Annamma from Thiruvella Parampallil family. In this union, they had 2 daughters, Gracy and Thankamma and a son, Kunjumone.


10      3. Ammini, the eldest daughter of Unnoonni was married to engineer baby of Mallapally Pannikuzhiyil family. He worked for K.S.E.B.


V. 4. Pennamma 2nd daughter of Unnoonni married to Thomaskutty from Kottayam Pallath family.               


V. 5.  Gracy 3rd daughter of Unnoonni married to     Papachen of Thiruvella Shrampikal   family.


11      6 Thankamma Koshy, Mallapally.



V. 1. Baby (P.A. Cherian)              

              Marikutty, Adoor Padijattathil Kannamkot

Children: VI. 1. Gladys

                         2. Alice

                          3. Shantha

                           5. Kunjumol

                            6. Kochumol

                             7. Babu (Abraham Cherian)

Baby, the eldest son of Dr. Abraham Cherian with a European estate company for long time. After retirement he settled in Adoor. He was married to Marikutty of Adoor Kannamkot Padijattathil family. Both of them passed away. They have 5 daughters, Gladys, Alice, Shantha, Kunjumol, and Kochumol, and a son, Babu.


VI. 1. Gladys married to Thomas Kurien, Kidagannor Enjakalath family.            


VI.   2. Alice married to Alias Samuel of Venmany Attupurath Cherialummootil family. 


VI.             3. Shantha married to Philip Verghese of Thalavady Karuvelil family.


VI. 4. Kunjumol married to M.A. Jacob of Puthenkavil Mamootil family.           


VI. 5. Kochumol married to V.A. Cherian of Thrukalanthoor Kuravankudiyil family.


VI. Babu (Abraham Cherian)

          Santhamma, Naranammuzhiyil Kimootil, Ranni

Children: VII. 2 children


Babu, the only son of Baby is married to Santhamma, Naranammuzhiyil Kimootil, and Ranni.  They have 2 children.


V. 2.  Papachen (P.A. Abraham)    

            Gracy Eruvallipra Perumpallikad

Children: VI. 1. Shali

                       2. Joly

                        3. Monachen

Papachen, the 2nd son of Dr. Abraham Cherian Palampallam, married Gracy from Eruvellipra Perumpallikad family.  They have 2 daughters, Shali and Jolly, and a son, Monachen. Monachen died young.

Papachen worked Moonnar P.H.E. project and Kannan Devan Company.  Even after his retirement after 80, he continued to work for G.K. Hospital, Thiruvella.


V. Kunjumon ? Parampallil.

     Kunjumone is the youngest son of Dr. Abraham Cherian.


IV. 2. Mathaikutty ( P.C. Mathew)

           Mariamma Pothirickel, Perigara

Children: V. 1. Unnikunju ( P.M. Cherian)

                     2. Georgekutty (P.M. George) 

                     3. Ammachen (P.M. Abraham)

                      4. Thampi (P.M. Mathew)

                       5. Loui

                        6. Kochachiyamma

                         7. Lilly

Mathaikutty was the 2nd so of Palampallath Cheriankunju Valliappan. He married Mariamma from Perigara Pothirickel family. They have 4 sons, Unnikunju, Georgekutty, Ammachen, Thampi, and 3 daughters, Loui, Kochachiyamma, and Lilly.


V. 5. Loui married to Chackochen of Puthenkavil Poovathur Mamootil Puthenpurayil family.


V. 6. Kochachiyamma married to Baby Thiruvella Kovoor Kayalaikath family.       


V. 7.  Lilly married to      Georgekutty of  Mavelikara Kunnayath family.


V.  1. Unnikunju ( P.M. Cherian)

           Kunjamma Enath Padijattathil

           Mariamma Kumpanad Padinjattadathu        

Children: VI.  1. Mon ( George C. Mathew)

                        2. Unnoonniyamma

                         3. Anu

                          4. Achiyamma


Unnikunju had no children in his first marriage to Kunjamma. After the death of Kunjamma, Unnikunju married Mariamma. They had a son, Mon and 3 daughters, Unniyamma, Anu, and Achiyamma.

Unnikunju was employed in Pyari and Company of Pulikiezh Sugar factory.

VI. 2. Unniyamma married to  Kunju ( M.B. Thomas ) Menadam Mathinacheril family . he is a deputy director in Cochin Oil Marketing.      


VI. 3. Anu  married to     Rajukutty ( Oommen Jacob) of Eraveril  Polachirackel family. He woks in Kuwait.       


VI.  4. Achiyamma B.A. B. Ed. married to Aniyankunju ( Kuruvila Varkey) of  Shanakaramangalam Vadakkemannil family.


VI.  1. Mon ( George C. Mathew)      




Cherian: VII. 1. Tim Cherian George

                       2. Tania Mariam Cherian

Mon after is B.A. degree took D.M.R. in special education. He teaches handicapped children in M.C.R. D. , Thadiyoor.  He is married to Susan, daughter of Cherian Koshy of Edanad Thekedath Pallickal family.

They have a son, Tim and a daughter, Tania.


V. 2 Georgekutty ( P.M. George)

         Ammini Polachirackel

Children: VI. 1. Meera

                2. Annie

Georgekutty is married to Ammini of Polachirackel family. They have 2 daughters, Meera and Annie.

Georgekutty retired from central excise department and presently live in Kollam with daughter Meera.


VI. 1. Meera is married to Avarachen from Maramon Palakunnathu family.

12      2. Annie is married to Advocate James of Kurichi Naicherril family.


V. 3. Ammachen ( P.M. Abraham)

     Thankamma, Puthupally Manalumbhagam 

Children: Mathukutty. 

Ammachen is the 3rd son of Palampallath Mathaikutty. He is married to Thankamma, daughter of Ousapachen of Puthupally Manalumbhagam family.

Ammachen is a very able person with great leadership qualities. His leadership in church and public matters is well recognized. He has also good knowledge in our family history.


VI. Mathukutty

      Molly, Edathumpadickel, Pallom

Children: VII. 1. Abraham

                        2. Joseph

Mathukutty, the only son of Ammachen is married to Molly, the daughter of Kunju of Edathumpadickel family, Pallom.


V. 4. Thampi (P.M. Mathew

          Leelamma  Thattel, Puthenkavil

Children: VI. 1. Merina

                       2. Kochumol

                      3. Susan

Thampi is the youngest son of Palampallath Mathaikutty. He married  Leelamma (Sosamma Mathew), daughter of T.K. Koshy of Puthenkavil Thattel Benglavil family.  They have 3 daughters, Merina, Kochumol, and Susan

Thampi retired as a senior assistant from E.I.D. Pyari and Company.  Leelamma retired as a matron from Southern Railway Hospital. They live in Mepral.

Thampi has taken a keen interest in our Kudumbayogam and other activities.

VI. 1. Merina is married to Bobby ( Philip P. Alex) of  Chegannoor Poovathur Puthenpurayil family.   Bobby is a businessman.


VI. 2.           Kochumol ( Rachel Mathew M.S.W.)  is married to Mathukutty of  Thalavady Kandathil family. Kochumol was the area coordinator for World Vision of India. Presently she is in Gulf with her husband.


VI.  3.          Susan married Valliamon (engineer Abraham Jacob of Mavelikara Polachirackel Padinjare Purackel family. Susna L..L.M. practiced in Ernakulam and was later a lecturer in Salem Central law College. Presently she is in Gulf with her husband.



Nenchemkandam Branch 


III. 8. Chackochen Nenchemkandam

     Achiyamma Kaniyanthra Thazhathu

Children: IV. 1. Avarachen (P.C. Abraham)

                              2. Kunjukunju (P.C. George)

                               3. Unnoonniyamma

                                4. Kuttyamma

                                 5. Kunjamma

                                  6. Saramma

                                   7. Annamma

                                    8. Pennamma


Chackochen was the youngest son of Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila Valliappan. He married Achiyamma from Kaniyanthra Thazhathu family in Puthupally. This Achiyamma was the younger sister of the wife Very Rev. Cherian Thomas Cor-episcopa of poothicote Puthenpurackel.

IV. 3. Unnoonniyamma was married to Unnoonni of Niranam Thayanaril family.


IV. 4. Kuttyamma was married to Varkeyachen of Champakulam Mundackel family.         


IV. 5.Kunjamma married to Unnoonni of Viyapuram Ottavelil Pullipadavil family     


IV. 6.  Saramma was married to Joseph of Vengal Cheparathimootil family.   


IV. 7. Annamma was married to Mathaichen  of Karuvata Kalapurackel family.


IV. 8 .Pennamma was married to Kunjachen of  Nedugadapally.



IV. 1. Avarachen (P.C. Abraham)

           Thankamma, Kaithayil, Kottayam


Children: V. !. Papachen

                      2. Gracy

                       3. Kunjujamma

Avarachen, the eldest son of Nenchenkandathil Chackochen Valliappan was married to Thankamma, daughter of Kurien Vakil of Kottayam Kaithayil family. They had one son, Papachen, and 2 daughters, Gracy and Kunjujamma.


V. 2. Gracy married and settled in Singapore.


V.3. Kunjujamma was married in Tholassery.


V. 1. Papachen married Thankamma Kozhiyadiyil Kozhykunneth family in Omallore. Both of them were in Singapore for several years. 

They did not have any children.


IV. 2. Kunjukunju (Dr. P.C. George)

         Sosamma Chakalaparampil

Children: V. 1. Unnoonni ( P.G. Jacob)

                       2. Kochu Kochu (Dr. P.G. Abraham)

                        3. Thankamma

                         4. Chinnamma

                   5. Sosakutty

Kunjukunju, the second son of Nenchenkandathil Chackochen Valliappan was married to Sosamma of Kottayam Chakalaparampil family. They had 2 sons, Unnoonni and Kochu Kochu, and 3 daughters, Thankamma, Chinnamma, and Sosakutty.

(Kunjukunju was a homeopathy physician.

V. 3. Thankamma married to Gheevareechen of Thamaravelil Chalakuzhy family.    


V. 4. Chinnamma married to Baby  of Mallapally Kaithakuzhy family.  



V. 5. Sosakutty married to Kochukunju of  Kallumkal Neduvaliparampil family.       

V. 1. Unnoonni ( P. G. Jacob) b. 1931

          Kunjujamma, Kadapamkeril, Niranam

Children: VI. 1. Gigi

                       2. Unnoonniyamma

                        3. Susamma

                         4. Kunjannamma

Unnoonni, the eldest son of Nenchenkandathil Kunjukunju married Kunjujamma of Niranam Kadapamkeril Kumpalath family. They have one son ,Gigi, and 3 daughters, Unnoonniyamma, Susamma, and Kunjannamma.

Unnoonni was a teacher in St. Johns Middle School since 1951 and he was headmaster for 6 years. He was also Sunday school headmaster  at St. Johns Church for several years. He served our family as Poothicote Kudumbayogam secretary for 3 years. Kunjujamma has been active in Martha Mariam samagam of the church.


VI. 2. Unnoonniyamma is married to Sheri Pulliyat Kaniyanthra family. Sheri is the son of Pulliyat Philipose and Poothicote Athikanadil Annamma.


VI.3. Susamma is married to Thampi ( Mathew Philip Tharakan)  of Kottayam lasha Kalapurackel family.        


VI. 4. Kunjannamma is married to Tommy (Tommy T. Moolayil) of Kozhenchery Moolayil



VI. 1.           Giji   

               Lemol, Maganam, Pullapally

Children: VII. 1.     Giju G. poothicote Nangenkandam              

                        2.  Jiya Jacob Nangenkandam        

Giji, the only son of Unnoonni is married to Lemol, daughter of Thankachen of Maganam Pullapally Kalampukatt family They have a son, Giju, and a daughter, Jiya.



V. 2. Kochu ( P.G. Abraham)

        Ammini, Vennikulam, Kacharackel Koyikal

Children: VI. 1. Soma

                2. Roy

                 3. Shaji

Kochu married Ammini daughter of Dr. K.V. George of  Vennikulam Kacharackel Koyikal family. They have a daughter, Soma, and 2 sons, Roy and Shaji. Kochu is a well known dentist running the St. Mary s dental clinic in Kavumbhagam.


VI. 1 Soma, M.A. B. Ed.  is married to Ani ( Philip David) of  Ayiroor Chempothra family. They are in Gulf at present.


VI. Roy


Children: 1. Neena

           2. Ashely

Roy married Mini of Chukathil family. They have 2 daughters, Neena and Ashley.

They are in USA.


VI. Shaji


Children: Sinu P. Shaji

Shaji (Shaji P. Abraham) married Reni B.Sc. (Nursing) from Thumpon Ellicott family.  Shaji is a dental technician and he and his wife are in Gulf at present.




II. 6. Kuruvila Kunjachonda

        Accamma, Kanyil, Kayamkulam

Children: III. 1. Kuruvila (Kunju)


How name Medayil came?

Kunjachonda was the 5th son of Judgi Valliappan. It was after his birth Judge great-grandpa moved to his new house In Moonnamadham. All properties acquired later were in Kunjachonda s name. After his primary education in Mepral, Judge great-grandpa sent Kunjachonda for English education in C.N.I. school in Chalukunnu, Kottayam, run by English CMS missionaries. Kunjachonda studied English as well as Bible. He was very religious and devotional from early childhood.

After he returned after education, he used to go from house to house with a group and deliver the message of the gospel and help the needy.

There is the story that when one day he woke up from the sleep, a dead cobra snake under his bed.  It never harmed him though he may have lied over the top of the most poisonous snake.


13      2. Sosamma was married to Eipe Vakil of  Thiruvella Kovoor family.       



14      3 . Rebeccamma  was married to  Judge Jacob of  Kottayam Mattithra family.


III. 4.  Kochachiyamma, the youngest daughter of Medayil Kunjachonda was married to Koshy Chandy of Aymanam Mattithra family.




III. 1. Kunju ( Kuruvila), Medayil

         Wife:   Achy Polachirakal

Children: IV. 









IV.      Kochupappi

           Mariamma, Valakuzhiyil

           Aleyamma. Kannamkot Padijarethil

Children: V.  1. Kochachiyamma

                       2. Kochaliamma

                        3. Kochubaby ( Dr. George Kuruvila)

                        4.Eipachen ( George Eipe)

Oommachen ( George Oommen)

                           6. Kunjamma

                            7. Becky

                             8. Thankamma

Kochupappi was also religious and devotional like his father and grandfather. He married Mariamma of Valakuzhiyil family.   They had 3 sons, Kochubaby, Eipachen, and Oommachen, and 3 daughters, Kochachiyamma, Kunjaliamma, and Kunjamma were born to her. After her death, Kochupappi married Aleyamma of Kannamkot Padijarethil family. Becky and Thankamma were born in the second marriage.


V. 4.  Kochachiyamma was married to Chackochen of Maramon Palakunnathu family.      


V. 5. Kochaliamma remained unmarried and continued gospel and charitable work till she died at an advanced age.


V. 6.Kunjamma was married to Dr. K I Kurien, Pulayampallil, Aymanam Kottayam.  


V. 7. Becky was married to Unnoonni of Aymanam Kollumkeril family.         


V.8. Thankamma was married to Professor James Verghese, Trichur.  


V. 1. Kochubaby ( Dr. George Kuruvila )

         Ammini, Kaniyanthra Vadakevalyil

Children: VI. 1. Georgekutty

                                 2. Binoy/ Kochukunju (Dr. Thomas Kuruvila)

                                  3. Appu

                                   4. Dr. Aniyan

                                     5. Mariamma

Kochubaby is one of the pioneering physicians of our state. After graduating in Medicine (M.B.B.S) from Madras medical college, he was trained under great physicians of the time. Then he joined as a junior to Kozhimannil Dr. Abraham Verghese of Sayippinte Ashupathri in Thiruvella. Dr.   Abraham Verghese was known as Dr. Baby and so Dr. George Kuruvila was affectionately called Kochubaby.

After few years Kochubaby started his own hospital G.K. Hospital in Kavumbhagam, Thiruvella. I had several long conversations with this pioneering spirit in Medicine. He started practicing medicine when there were no antibiotics, or proper anesthesia. He had performed all types of surgeries. He made a large amount of wealth, but he equally contributed for all good causes. He was the first municipal chairman of Thiruvella.

Dr. George Kuruvila married Ammini daughter of Engineer Thomas of Kaniyanthra Vadakevalyil. His sons are Georgekutty, Kochukunju, Appu, and Aniyan, and a daughter Mariamma.


VI.2. Kochukunju/ Binoy (Dr. Thomas Kuruvila)

       Susheela Thalakot

Children: VII. 1. Dr. Manoj ( Dr. Thomas Kuruvila)

                                  2. Vinod (Verghese Kuruvila)


Kochukunju carried the legacy of his illustrious father continued to run the G.K Hospital. He married Susheela, daughter of Chinnakutty of Chegannoor Thalakot family. They have 2 sons, Manoj and Vinod. Susheela is chairman of Thiruvella municipality.


VII. 1. Manoj ( Dr. Thomas Kuruvila)

               Rasmi Thottakad Valiyamannil)

Children: VIII. 1. Rachel Elizabeth Kuruvila

                        2. Anna Maria Kuruvila

Manoj, the eldest son of Kochukunju is married to Rasmi, daughter of P.K. Philip of Thottakad Maliyamannil family.


VII. 2. Vinod (Vinod Verghese Kuruvila)

                  Preethi Susan Kuruvila

Children: VIII. Yohan Thomas Kuruvila

                        2. Ethan Titus Kuruvila

Vinod, the 2nd son of Kochukunju married Preethi, daughter of C.T. Kuruvila of Maganam Cheriakalathil family.


VI. Appu (GK Kuruvila) married Dr. Nirmala (Sara) Kuruvila, daughter of Dr. T. Titus of Thasiyil family, Coimbatore


Children: VII.

Dr. Kochubaby s 3rd son------


VI. Dr. Aniyan - Dr. Eipe Kuruvila FFARCS , Denver Colorado,USA


Children:: VII.


VI. Mariamma, the only daughter of Dr. Kochubaby----



V. Eipachen ( George Eipe)

      Kunjamma, Manamal Thayyil

Children: VI. 1. Kamala

                        2. Susheela

                        3. Lalitha

                         4. Remani

                          5. Reichi                

                           6. Renu

Eipachen, the 2nd son of Kochupappi married Kunjamma, daughter of M.C. Pothen of Manammal Thayyil family of Mepral. They have 6 daughters, Kamala, Susheela, Lalitha, Remani, Reichi, and Renu.

Eipachen was a well known government contractor who constructed several large buildings including the Kottayam Civillines and the collectorate.

VI.1. Kamalam

          Dr. Rajan, Karackel Kozhimannil

Children: VII.


VI. 2. Susheela

           Dr. Rajan, Thevalakara Kaliyil

Children: VII.


VI. 3. Lalitha


Children: VII.


VI. 4. Remani

           Babu Koshy, Kottayam Karippalil


VI. 5. Reichi

           Sodharan Parapallil

Children: VII.



VI. 6. Renu

           Lalu, Eirookuzhiyil

Children: VII.


V. Oommachen ( George Oommen)

      Kunjukunju, Varikad, Kottayam

Children: VI. 1. Giko

                       2. Achutty

                        3. Reghu

                         4. Shantha

Oommachen, the 3rd son of Medayil Kochupappi was a famous engineer of Travancore. He was a good football player and sportsman. He married Kunjukunju of Kottayam Varikad family. He has 3 sons, Giko, Achutty, and Reghu, and a daughter, Shantha.

VI. 4. Shantha is married to Yohan K. John of Kunnankeril family.


 VI.1. Giko

           Dr. Leela, Chelikuzhiyil    

Children: VII.


VI.2.  Achutty

           Rajamma, Kurudamannil

Children: VII.


VI. 3. Reghu




Kuruviala Kochittykuruvila  Elanjimootil

   ? Polachirackel, Mavelikara

  ? Shanakaramangalam, Eraviparoor

Children: III. 1. Kochitty Kuruvila Kolankandathil

                       2. Kuruvila Varkey, Manalil

                       3. Pappy Peresseril

                        4. Oommachen Elanjimootil

                         5. Kunjoyichen Manek

                         6. Annamma Elanjikal


Unnoonni was the 6th son of Judge Kochitty Kuruvila. He married first from Mavelikara Polachirackel family and after the death of his first wife, he married from Shanakaramangalam family Eraviparoor. He had 5 sons, Kochitty Kuruvila, Kolankandathil, Kuruvila Varkey, Manalil, Pappy Peresseril, Oommachen Elanjimootil, and .Kunjoyichen, Manek, and a daughter, Annamma.


III. 6. Annamma

           John Vakil Elanjikal

Children: IV. 1. E. John Kuruvila.

                      2. E. John Cyriac

                       3. E. John Philipose

                        4. E. John Jacob

The only daughter of Unnoonni Valliappan was married to the illustrious John Vakil of the Niranam Elanjikal family. John Vakil was great lawyer and church leader of the period.


Their sons E. John Philipose and E. John Jacob were powerful politicians and cabinet ministers.


Kolankandathil branch


III. Kochitty Kuruvila Kolankandathil


Children. IV. 1. ValliyaUnni

                       2. KochuUnni

                        3. Kunju Mariamma

                         4. Kunjannamma

                          5. Accamma


Kolankandathil Valliappan had 2 sons, ValliyaUnni and KochuUnni, and 3 daughters, Kunju Mariamma, Kunjannamma. And Accamma.


IV. 3. Kunju Mariamma was married to Philipochen  of Niranam Elanjikal family.              

IV. 4.Kunjannamma was married in Vakathanam.           

IV. Accamma B.A.L.T. remained unmarried. She was a teacher in Thirumoolapuram Girls school in Thiruvella and retired as headmistress.

IV. 1. ValliyaUnni ( P.K. Unni)

            Thankamma Peedikayil

Children: V. 1. Kunju

                      2. Roy

                       3. Rajan

                        4. Achenkunju

                         5. Rajamma

                          6. Susamma

                           7. Rosamma

                            8. Celin

ValliyaUnni married Thankamma from Muttatharayil Peedikayil family. They have 4 sons, Kunju, Roy, Rajan, and Achenkunju and 4 daughters, Rajamma, Susamma, Rosamma, and Celin.

ValliyaUnni after passing pleadership examination was practicing law in Thiruvella and Pathanamthitta.


V. 5. Rajamma  married to Porunchukutty   of Trichoor. Porunchukutty retired as the principal of Fina Arts College, Trivandrum.


V. 6. Susamma married to    Bobby  (Markose)  of Kottayam Eruthical family.


V. 7. Rosamma Kuruvila is an advocate. She is married to Mathachen of Kuriannoor Thadithadayil family.


V. 8.Celin ( Asvathy)  married to K.J. Philip ( Thampi) of  Ennakad Kalluvilayil family.          


V. Kunju ( Kuruvila Koshy B.A. B.L.)


Children: VI. 1. Smitha Koshy

                       2. Mamatha Koshy

Kunju after his law degree was practicing law before he was selected as a magistrate. He retired as chief judicial magistrate and now lives in Kottayam.

Smitha graduated in hospital administration.

Mamatha is a medical student.


V. 2. Roy (P.K. Kuruvila)

          Soji, Nellanickel

Children: VI. 1.Bijoy

                       2. Varsha

Roy married Soji, the daughter of George of Kumarakom Nellanickel house. They have a son Bijoy, and a daughter, Varsha.

Roy was an officer in Merchant Navy. After retirement, he works for a company in Dubai.

VI. Bijoy is a computer engineer in Bangalore.


V. 3.  Rajan ( Dr. K. K. Kuruvila, M.B.B.S.)


Children: VI. Susan Thomas

Rajan is a graduate of Trivandrum Medical College and he practices in Mepral. He is married to Remani, daughter of Thomas of Kollam Pattathanath house.  Remani is a teacher in M.E.S. school in Doha. Susan is their only daughter.


V. 4. Achenkunju ( Verghese Kuruvila)

         Mani M.Sc.

Children: VI. 1. Veena

                       2. Megha

                        3. Deepa

                         4. Unnikunju ( George Kuruvila)

Achenkunju married Mani ( Mary Kuruvila ), daughter of K.V. Philip (Kunjukunju) of Niranam Kottooreth Alapurath family.

Achenkunju works in Gulf and Mani is a teacher.



III. 2. Kuruvila Varkey. Manalil

          Aleyamma, Maret

           Accamma, Kottarathil, Puthupally

Children: IV. 1. Annamma


                        3. ?

                         4. 4th daughter died young.

                          5. Kunjachen

                           6. Achenkunju (P.V. Mathew)

                            7. Thankamma

                             8. Kunjamma

Kuruvila Varkey, 2nd son of Elanjimootil Unnoonni Valliappan, and grandson of Judge grandpa Kochitty Kuruvila was one the first English educated B.A. graduates from Kerala. After his graduation, he joined as  sub-registrar with the government. He was an efficient and effective government officer that he was gradually promoted in his jobs and retired as the registration director of the state. The king liked so much that even after his retirement, the Maha Raja asked him to continue in job for few more years. He always traveled on horse gifted to him by his cousin, Puthenpurackel Chackochen.


There is a story about his monthly visit with the King. The king used to meet with all department heads on the first of the month. But all officer were to enter the palace after the king returned from his official visit to the temple. One time Kuruvila Varkey Valliappan entered the place by mistake before the king returned from the visit to the temple.  The divan (chief minister was very unhappy and put a complaint against Kuruvila Varkey before the king. The king closed the file stating that Kuruvila Varkey is an honest efficient administrator who hails from a well known aristocratic family.


Kuruvila Varkey married Aleyamma from Maret family. In this marriage, they had 4 daughters.


After the death of his first wife, Kuruvila Varkey married Accamma from Puthupally Kottarathil family.

In the second marriage, he had 2 sons, Kunjachen and Achenkunju (P.V. Mathew) and 2 daughters, Thankamma and Kunjamma.


After the death of his 2nd wife, Kuruvila Varkey married from Pooyapallil Kizhakeveetil. They had a daughter in this marriage who died young.


IV. 1. Annamma was married to Avarachen of Puthupally Manalumbhagam.


IV. 2.  ? 2nd daughter was married to Cheriachen of Chegannoor Kulakattil family.


IV. 3. 3rd daughter was married to Puthupally Memana I. Joseph.


IV. 4. 4th daughter died young.


IV. 7. Thankamma was married to High Court Justice K.C. Abraham


IV.8. Kunjamma, the youngest daughter of Kuruvila Varkey was married to Kujootty ( M.T. Kuruvila) of Manammal family.


IV. 5. Kunjachen ( P.V. Kuruvila)

          Mariamma, Kannamkot Puthenveetil

Children: V. 1. Kunju

                     2. Sacri

                      3. Paputy

                       5. Lalu

Kunjachen married Mariamma of Kannamkot Puthenveetil family. They have 3 sons, Kunju, Sacri, and Paputy, and a daughter, Lalu.


V. 1. Kunju

         Annie, Kaviyoor Kallumalayil

Children: VI. 1. Liju

                       2. Lila

Kunju, the eldest son of Kunjachen married Annie of Kaviyoor Kallumalyil family. They have a son, Liju, and a daughter, Lila.


V. 2. Sacri ( P.A. Zachariah)

          Accamma Edathumpadickel

Children: VI. 1. Babu

                       2. Jacob

Sacri, the 2nd son of Kunjachen married Accamma from Edathumpadickel Family. They have 2 sons, Babu and Jacob.

Sacri has retired from P.W.D. department.


VI. 1. Babu Zachariah

          Hira Parampottil

Children: VII. Abel Zachariah P. Babu

Babu  is married to Hira, daughter of P.I. Kurian of Pulikiezh, Parampottil family. Babu has a diploma in electrical engineering and Hira has B.Sc. degree in nursing. Both of them work in Kuwait, They have one son, Abel.


VI. 2. Jacob Zachariah M.C.A.

          Manchu, Panachmootil

Children:  VII. 1.Gero Zachariah

                         2. Joyal Peter Jacob

Jacob, the 2nd son of Sacri is married to Manchu, daughter of M.P. Peter of Panchimootil Benglavil family of Karthikapally. Gero and Joyal are their 2 sons.


V. 3. Paputy ( P.K. Kuruvila)

         Elsy ,Vadakedath, Omallore

Paputy, the 3rd son of Manalil Kunjachen married Elsy, daughter of P.G. George of Omallore Vadakedath family. They have no children.



V. 4. Lalu

         K. George Thomas

Children: VI. 1.

Lalu, the only daughter of Manalil Kunjachen married K. Geoge Thomas of Karot Kandathil family.


IV. Achenkunju ( P.V. Mathew M.A.)

       Ammini B.A. B.Ed.,  Ennasseril Ennakalayil

Children: V. 1. Anila

                      2. Anchu

Achenkunju, the 2nd son of Registration Director Kuruvila Varkey married Ammini, daughter of Vakathanam Ennasseril Ennakalayil family. They have 2 daughters, Anila and Anchu.

Achenkunju was working for government of India in Delhi.  He   retired to Thiruvella Kattukarayil and died there. Ammini retired as a teacher and lives in Thiruvella.


V. 1. Anila Mathew M.Sc. (Agriculture)  works as an agricultural officer. She is married to engineer Sajan Mathew of Edathumpadickel Puthenpurackel family. They live in Trivandrum.


16      2. Anchu Mathews B.Sc., the second daughter of Achenkunju is married to Mathews George M.B.A. of Kollad Chempakassery family. He is the executive director of Thodupuzha Kulamav Greenburg company.





III. 3. Pappy Peresseril


Children: IV. Thankamma


The 3rd son of Elanjimootil KochityKuruvila Valliappan married and had only one daughter, Thankamma.

IV. Thankamma was married to Kunjukunju of Puthenkavil Nellumalayil family. The did not have any children. Even after her husband s death, Thankamma lived to ripe old age in Mepral, and other members of Poothicote family took good care of her.





III. 3. Oommachen Elanjimootil

           Mariamma Kongattuparampil

            Aleyamma Chathannoor Puthenveetil

Children. 1. Unnoonni Kunju

                     2. Kochoykunju

                      3. Kunjukunju

                       4. Baby

                        5. Kunju Mariamma

                         6. Kochaliamma

                          7. Kunjannamma

                           8. Thankamma


Oommachen Valliappan had 4 sons, Unnoonni Kunju, Kochoykunju, Kunjukunju, and Baby, and 4 daughters, Kunju Mariamma, Kochaliamma, Kunjannamma, and Thankamma.


IV. 5.  Kunju Mariamma, the eldest daughter was Mannar Vangazhiyil family.


IV. 6. Kunjaliamma married to Puthupally Marupparampil family        


IV. 7. Kunjannamma married to Dr. M Jacob of Kuzhithattil faimly at Karuvatta.



         1. Achenkunju (Mathew Jacob) 
              2. Babu (Thomas Jacob)
                   3. Ammini (Elizabeth Eapen)
                       4. Kochu (Annamma Rathnam) - based at Bangalore, 83 years now.


IV. 8. Thankamma married to Edathua Nalamvelil family. 


IV. 1. Unnoonnikunju


Children: V. 1. Babu

                      2. Thampi

                       3. Kunjujamma

                        4. Sosamma

Unnikunju, the eldest son of Oommachen, Elanjimootil married Thankamma from Payipad Kaniyamvelil Puthenpurayil family. They had 2 sons, Babu and Thampi, and 2 daughters, Kunjujamma and Sosamma.


V. 3. Kunjujamma married to Cheriankunju of  Edathua Karikalathil family.


V. 4. Sosamma (Kunjumol) married to Tom of  Mavelikara Champakamagalam     family.


V.1. Babu ( Thomas K. Poothicote)

        Mariamma, Madathethil

Children: VI. 1. Shibu

                        2. Shaji

Babu married Mariamma, daughter of Thomas Vaidyan of Ranni Kikozhoor Madathethil family. They had 2 sons, Shibu and Shaji. Shibu died young.


V. 2. Thampi (David Kuruvila)

         Annie, Punnavelil

Children: VI. 1. Nita Susan David

                         2. Nithish David

Thampi, 2nd son of Elanjimootil Unnoonni married Annie, daughter of Thomas Panicker of Kottarakara Panavelil family.  They have 2 children, Nita and Nithish.

Nita studies for agricultural engineering.



IV. 2. Kochoykunju

           Aleyamma, Punnamootil, Viyapuram

Kochoykunju, 2nd son of  Elanjimootil Oommachen Valliappan married Aleyamma from Punnamootl family of Viyapuram. They have no children.


IV. 3. Kunjukunju

           Thankamma Chakalayil

Children: V. 1. Aleyamma

                2. Susy

                        3. Annie

                         4. Baby

Kunjukunju, the 3rd son of Elanjimootil Oommachen Valliappan married Thankamma from Kottayam Chakalayil family.

They have 3 daughters, Aleyamma, Susy, and Annie, and a son, Baby.


17      4. Baby, the 4th son of Elanjimootil Oommachen Valliappan married from Puthupally. He had no children.





III.5. Kunjoyichen, Maneku

            Mariamma, Manalil, Thiruvella

Children: IV. 1. Unnoonni Kunju         

                         2. Papachen

                          3. Kunjujamma

                           4. Annamma

Kunjoyichen was the 5th son of Elanjimootil KochitiKuruvila. He married Mariamma from Thiruvella Manalil family. They had 2 sons, Unnoonni Kunju and Papachen, and 2 daughters, Kunjujamma and Annamma.


IV. 3. Kunjujamma married to Oommen  of Kumpanad Kalamannil Kiliyampilackel family. Kollam district judge George Oommen is her grandson.


IV. 4. Annamma married Kochu of Pala Vattavayalil family.  


IV. 1. Unnoonni Kunju


Children: V. 1. Kunjamma (Mary Kuruvila)

                        2. Ponnamma

                        3. Chinnamma

                         4. Kunju

Unnoonnikunju was public figure and  active in community affairs and in the church. He married Pennukunju from Punnavayalil Kuttichira family.  They had 3 daughters, Kunjamma, Ponnamma, and Chinnamma and a son, Kunju. Ponnamma and Chinnamma are twins. Pennukunju died early and Unnoonnikunju was a widower for several years. 

V. 1. Kunjamma married  John of Kottarakara Kizhakatheruvil Nellimukalil family.


V. 2. Ponnamma married K.C. Oommen (Joy) Panikaruveetil family, Kavumbhagam. Oommen retired as superintend in the electricity board.   


V.3. Chinnamma married Johnny of Niranam Pallichira family. Johnny was working in the Port Trust ,Magalapuram. Chinnamma retired as a headmistress in Magalapuram.         


V. 4. Kunju

          Kunjumol (Mariamma)

Children: VI. 1. Anish K. Poothicote

                         2. Nisha

Kunju, the only son of Manek Unnoonnikunju married Kunjumol, daughter of Mathai of Kalluppara Kottackel Edayadiyil family. They have a son, Anish, and a daughter, Nisha.

Kunju is working in Gulf.


VI. 1. Anish runs his own business of computer sales and service.


IV. 2. Papachen 

           Thankamma Velamparampil

Children: V. 1. Bijili

                       2. Elgy

                        3. Pansly

                         4. Philip

Papachen, the 2nd son of Manek Kunjoyichen Valliappan, married Thankamma of Anglithanam Velamparampil family. They have 2 daughters, Bijili, and Elgy, and 2 sons, Pansly and Phil.

Papachen was in the Indian army after retirement he was living in Mepral when he died.


V. 1. Bijili married Thomachen Vakathanam Vettiyil family.


V. 2. Elgy married Cherian Abraham.


V. 3. Pansly

          Beena Kannukuzhyil

Children: VI. 1. Ajith

                         2. Ashokan

Pansly, the eldest son of Manek Papachen married Beena from Kottayam Kunnukuzhiyil family. They have 2 sons, Ajith and Ashokan.

Pansly is an exchange manager in Rasal Kaima in U.A.E.


V. 4. Philip Varkey M.Com.


Children: VI. 1. Susan

                         2. Georgy

Philip, the 2nd son of Manek Papachen married Rena, daughter of Jacobkutty of Kottayam Kaithayil family. They have a daughter, Susan, and a son, Georgy.





              Achamma, Vallakalil, Mannar

                          Achiyamma, Puthenkavil Puthenpurackel

Children: III. 1. Valya Pappy

                         2. Annamma

                          3. Kochu Pappy

                           4. Unnoonniyamma

Judge Great grandpa Kochitty Kuruvila moved to the new house in Moonnamadham after the birth of his first son, Kunjachonda in his second marriage.  After all his other sons moved to their own houses, Judgi Valliappan, his 2nd wife, and the youngest son, Kuruvila Kochu Koshy lived in the Moonnamadham house. Kuruvila Kochu Koshy was the only unmarried son, when Judgi Valliappan died.


Kochu Koshy married Achamma from Mannar Vallakalil family. Son, Valya Pappy and daughter Annamma were born in this marriage.

After the death of Achamma, Kuruvila Kochu Koshy married Achiyamma from Puthenkavil Puthenpurackel family.

Kochu pappy and Unnoonniyamma were born in this marriage.


III. 2. Annamma, the eldest daughter of Kochuk0shy Moonnamadham was married to Ousapachen  of Kaniyanthra Valiaparampil family.   


III. 3. Unnoonniyamma the daughter in 2nd marriage of Kochu Koshy was married to Pappy ( Philipose) of Mepral Manammal family.


Chavadiyil sub-branch


III. 1.Valya Pappy Chavadiyil

         Mariamma, Sankaramangam

Children: IV. 1.Unnoonni

                         2. Mathaichen

                         3. Sosamma

                         4. Kunjamma

                          5. Achiyamma

                           6. Kunju Mariamma

                            7. Annamma

An annex (Chavady) from the Moonnamadham house was detached put on the land on the eastern side of the house. The eldest son of Moonnamadham Kochu Koshy Valliappan, Valya Pappy moved to this house, and hence the house came to be known as Chavadiyil  house.


Poothicote family is ever indebted to this Valya Pappy Valliappan for writing the first family history book of our family. He diligently collected a the facts and wrote a very valuable biography of his grandfather, Judge Kochitty Kuruvila, who is the ancestor of all the present Poothicote family members. About100 years ago, he also recorded the details about the 2nd generation of poothicote family.


Valya Pappy Valliappan was very intelligent and hard working. He increased the ancestral wealth he received considerably. He also had chitty fund business.

He married Mariamma from Shanakaramangalam Edavamvelil family. They had 2 sons, Unnoonni and Mathaichen, and 5 daughters, Sosamma, Kunjamma, Achyamma, Kunjumariamma, and Annamma.


IV. 3. Sosamma  married to Kunjachen of  Mavelikara Palamoottil family.


IV. 4. Kunjamma married to Kuttiachen of  Thatatadiyil Kunniparampil family.


IV. 5.Achiyamma married to  Kurian of Ampatt family.


IV. 6.Kunjumariamma married to Dr. T.K. Kuruvila  of Thaverthundiyil family.        


IV. 7. Annamma married to Dr. Chacko of Adoor Thekkaveetil family.               


IV. 1. Unnoonni Chavadiyil

           Thankamma, Kaniyanthra Kovoor

Children: V. 1. Kunju ( Kuruvila Koshy)

                        2. Ousapachen ( Joseph Koshy)

                        3. Thampi

Unnoonni, the eldest son of Valya Pappy, after English education joined his father in chitty business. He also was the superintend of a rubber estate started by several members of the Poothicote family.

Unnoonni married Thankamma, daughter of Kovoor municef from the Kaniyanthra family. They have 3 sons, Kunju, Ousapachen, and Thampi.


V. Kunju ( Kuruvila Koshy)

     Kunjamma, Ampatt

Children: VI. 1. Samji

                         2. Sarasu

                          3. Soumini

Kunju married Kunjamma from Ampatt family and they have one son, and 2 daughters, Sarasu, and Soumani.

Kunju was a famous evangelist. In one of his evangelic missions to Goa, he and his son Samji developed food poisoning.  Every one in our family was pained to learn that Kunju and Samji died in the unfortunate event.


VI. 2. Sarasu

VI. 3. Soumini


V. 2. Ousapachen ( Joseph Koshy)

          Omana, Kalathinal

Children: VI.


Ousapachen, the 2nd son of Chavadiyil Unnoonni married Omana of Kozhenchery Kalathinal family.


IV.2.   Mathaichen ( Advocate P.C. Mathew B.A. B.L.)

           Thankamma, Thevalakara Kaliyil

Children: V. 1. Babu

                        2. Sapru

                         3. Baby


Mathaichen is the 2nd son of Chavadiyil Valya Pappy Valliappan. After his law degree, he was practicing in Mavelikara. He married Thankamma from Thevalakara Kaliyil family. They have 2 sons, Babu, Sapru, and a daughter, Baby.


V. 3.  Baby, the only daughter of Mathaichen is married to Georgekutty, the son of Dr. Puthuran of Ernakulam.


V. 1. Babu Mathew

          Alice, Madathumvelil Kandathil

Children: VI. 1. Aswathy

                         2. Sudha

                          3. Renu

                           4. Rajan

Babu, the eldest son of Chavadiyil Mathaichen married Alice, daughter of Dr. K.M. Eapen of Niranam Madathumvelil Kandathil family. They have 3 daughters, Aswathy, Sudha, and Renu, and one son, Rajan.


VI. 1. Aswathy  married to Aniyankunju ( George Chacko )  of Alumthuruthy Ayikot Mattackal    family.


VI. 2. Sudha married to Mohan ( Mohan J Cherian ) Kottarakara Aviott family.  


VI. 3. Renu married to Anil (Philip Jacob ) of  Kumpanad Kalamannil family.    


VI. 4.Rajan Mathew

          Sheelu, Palaparampil

Children: VII. 1. Shalini Mathew

                         2. Soumini Mathew

Rajan, the only son of Babu, Chavadiyil married Sheila, daughter of I.C. Koruth of Anari Palaparampil family. They have 2 daughters, Shalini and Soumini.

Rajan after graduating in hotel administration works in Delhi. He is currently a Russian Citizen living in Vladivostok.

Rajan has the custody of the ceremonial sword used by Great grandpa Judgi Valliappan.


V. 2. Sapru Mathew

         Shantha Kanamparapil

Children: VI. 1. Thankam Mathew

                       2. Tina Mathew

Sapru, the 2nd son of Chavadiyil Mathaichen , was a highly decorated officer in the Indian Army. He died in an accident.

He married Shantha, daughter of P.D. Chacko of Kanamparampil family. They have 2 daughters, Thankam and Tina.


Moonnamadham Sub-branch


III. 2. Kochupappi Moonnamadham

             Mariamma, Kuzhipurackel

Children: IV. 1. P.C. Koshy

                         2. P.C. Mathew

                          3. Koshy Kuruvila ( Dr. Kuruvilachen-dentist)

                           4. Achiyamma

                            5. Mariamma

                             6. Annamma

                              7. Aleyamma

Kochu Pappy, the 2ns son of Moonnamadham Kuruvila Kochu Koshy Valliappan, was married to Mariamma of Kuzhipurackel family. They had 3 sons, and 4 daughters, Achiyamma, Mariamma, Annamma, and Aleyamma.

Kochu pappy was prominent public figure of the period. Along with KunjuVarkeyachen of Puthenpurackel Achentagathu, took the government contract fro Mepral- Swamipalam road and constructed it.  One of Kochu Pappy s favorite past time was boat racing. He had a famous Parunthuvalan vallom, which won several boat races.


IV. 4. Achiyamma         

               K.C. Varghese,  Ayiroor Kurudamannil            

Children: V. Dr. K.V. Jacob

Eldest daughter, Achiyamma was married to K.V. Verghese of Ayiroor Kurudamannil Thenalil family. Their only son Jacobkutty was the superintend of Trivandrum government mental hospital


IV. 5. Mariamma married to Stephen Puthencavil.   


IV. 6. Annamma married to Baby ( P.E. Eapen) Pallipat Kochupurackel family.


IV. 7.  Aleyamma married to Papachen of  Amichakary Vengal Puthenveetil     Family.


IV. 1.  P.C. Koshy, Moonnamadham


Children: V. 1. Baby

                       2. Mathaichen (Koshy Mathew M.Sc.)

                       3. Marikutty


P.C. Koshy was a sportsman, football player, and bodybuilder during his younger years. During his student days in Calcutta, he excelled in several sports competitions. He had 2 sons, Baby and Mathaichen, and a daughter, Marikutty.


V. 3. Marikutty married Bapukutty of Mallapally Vattasseril Paduvayalil family.       


V. 1. Baby

         Mariamma, Mallapally Kaiyaleth

Children: VI. 1. Jaya

                       2. Koshy

                       3. Jacob

Baby, the eldest son of P.C. Koshy married Mariamma, daughter of Chackochen of Mallapally Kiayaleth family. They have a daughter Jaya, and 2 sons Koshy and Jacob.

Baby retired as chief checking inspector for the Southern railways, Trivandrum division. He was a good football player and played for several well known clubs.


VI. 1. Jaya  married Sunil of Thevalakara Kovoor Benglavil family.  Sunil works for Singapore Airlines and live with family in Koiampatore.    


VI. 2. P.E. Koshy

           Lali, Puthupally Kaipanatt

Children: VII. Arun Koshy

Koshy, the eldest son of Baby Moonnamadham married Lali, daughter of K.V. Mathew of Puthupally Kaipanatt family. They have a son, Arun Koshy.

P.E. Koshy is an officer in Punjab national Bank.


VI. 2. Jacob ( Jeku)

          Annie, Venmony Thekemalayil

Children: VII. 1. Rubin

                        2. Dhanues

Jacob, the 2nd son of baby married Annie, daughter of M.O. George of Venmony Thekemalayil family. They have 2 sons, Rubin and Dhanues.


V. Koshy Mathew M.Sc. ( Mathaichen)


Children: VI. 1. Koshy

                       2. Susan

Mathaichen, the 2nd son pf P.C. Koshy, Moonnamadham married Santhamma, daughter of Koshy of Chathannoor Thattarukonath family. They have a son, Koshy, and a daughter, Susan.

Mathaichen was a class 1 officer in the Center for Zoological Survey of India. Santhamma was an officer of the Central Government.


VI. 2. Susan  is married to engineer Babu of  Mallapally Modayil family. Susan works at M.A. P.T.A.  


VI. 1. Koshy is an engineer and married from Mallapally modayil family.

Children: ?



IV. 2. P.C. Mathew  ( Mathachen)

          Kochannamma, Puthupally Kollam Parampil

Children: V. 1. Ammukutty

                    2. Moni

P.C. Mathew, the 2nd son of Moonnamadham Kochu Pappy Valliappan married Kochannamma, daughter of Ittyachen of Puthupally Kollanparampil family. They have 2 daughters, Ammukutty and Moni.

P.C. Mathew was a dental surgeon.


V. 1. Ammukutty married to M.T. Pappu of  Thrisoor Puthukat  family.


18      2.  Moni married to Thomaskutty of  Eraviparoor Edavamvalil family.



IV. Kuruvilachen ( Dr. Koshy Kuruvila)        

       Aniyamma, Nedumchirayil

Children:  V. 1. Alice

                       2. Susan

                        3. Anilakutty

                         4. Elsy

Kuruvilachen was a dentist and a highly respected community leader. He was very active with poothicote Kudumbayogam.

Kuruvilachen married Aniyamma, daughter of Idichandy Muthalali of Chathannoor Nedumchirayil family. They have 4 daughters, Alice, Susan, Anilakuttyy, and Elsy.


V. 1. Alice married to Kochumon  of Adoor Padinjatadath family. Kochumon is a an officer of State Bank Of Travancore.      


V. 2. Susan is married to Thampi  I.M. Joseph)  of Thiruvella Varickat Thaiparampil family. Thampi was a naval officer.         


V. 3. Anilakutty married to M.G. Joshua  of  Mavelikara Thoppil family.  Thampi was a naval officer. They now live in Ernakulam.


V. 4. Elsy is married to Aniyan of Thiruvella Thottunkal family.